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[san-tech][03322] ScaleMP: STREAM’s Triad function was just over 2.25 TB/s, August 01, 2011

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 02:55:18 +0900
に接続できないので、BUSINESS WIRE経由のプレスリリースです:

"ScaleMP Places Among Top Three Worldwide on Stream Benchmark"

vSMP Foundation Achieves Outstanding Sustainable Memory Bandwidth
 August 01, 2011, BUSINESS WIRE

  "...  vSMP Foundation claimed the top three results for the STREAM
   synthetic benchmark program that measures sustainable memory bandwidth
   (in MB/s) in high-performance computers. The result achieved for STREAM's
   Triad function was just over 2.25 TB/s."

  "ScaleMP benchmarking experts used 64 systems, each equipped with
   two Intel Xeon X5650 running at 2.66 GHz and 96GB of RAM, aggregated
   into a single virtual shared-memory system to run the benchmark,
   receiving top 3 status for this benchmark."

The official results can be viewed on STREAM's website:
STREAM "Top20" results

STREAM: Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers

"ScaleMP Sustains 2.25 TB/sec Memory Bandwidth on STREAM Benchmark"
 Aug 1, 2011, insideHPC

※STREAM Benchmarksの詳細は上記 Webサイト等で勉強して下さい。
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