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[san-tech][03323] eBay Installs 100 TBs of Nimbus Flash & Nimbus Unveils Next Generation S-Class Flash Memory Systems, August 2, 2011

Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 16:59:45 +0900
eBayが Nimbus Data Systemsから 100TB Flash Storage System を VMware用

"eBay Installs 100 TBs of Nimbus Flash Memory Storage for Virtualization"

 World-class virtualization deployment sees provisioning times slashed 
 from 40 minutes to 3 minutes with Nimbus S-Class systems
 August 2, 2011

  "...  today announced that eBay, the world's largest online marketplace,
   has deployed more than 100 terabytes of Nimbus S-Class flash memory
   to power its VMware virtual server infrastructure. The scale of
   the Nimbus deployment at eBay, which started with one system and
   expanded to 12 systems in less than one year, makes it among
   the world's largest consolidated deployments of network-attached flash
   storage for virtualization today."

  "... eBay required a storage solution with tight integration with VMware
   virtual infrastructure, iSCSI connectivity over 10 Gigabit Ethernet,
   ease of administration, and inline deduplication to reduce storage
   capacity requirements. In the end, eBay was most attracted to
   the performance, efficiency, simplicity, and comprehensive SAN and NAS
   software capabilities of the Nimbus Sustainable Storage? platform."

まずは 1台から、じょじょに追加して 12台で 100TB超ですね。

あ、こちらのプレスリリースも重要ですね (実際はこっちのが重要かも):

"Nimbus Unveils Next Generation S-Class Flash Memory Systems"

 Increases Performance by 3x and Broadens Reach with Fibre Channel and
 Infiniband Connectivity
 August 2, 2011

  "... The new line, which retains the S-Class designation, is three times
   faster than the original launched in 2010. In addition, the new S-Class
   adds support for Fibre Channel and Infiniband networking natively,
   in addition to the existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
   support, making the new S-Class the most versatile network flash memory
   systems on the market today."

  *) 3x More Performance
  *) Fibre Channel and Infiniband Connectivity
  *) The Industry's Most Versatile Flash Memory Systems

Nimbus S-Class flash storage systems
HALO Operating System

"eBay backs Flash new boy for storage"
 Nimbus = smaller, cheaper, cooler
 2nd August, The Register
Open the Pod eBay doors Hal
  "Before Nimbus came onto the scene, eBay had VMware ESXi v4.1 with
   thousands of hosts, and NetApp FAS iSCSI and 3PAR SAN storage arrays,
   with about 3PB of installed storage capacity in total. It wanted
   to roll out standard "Pods" for virtualisation and these had
   to serve VMs on demand to thousands of hosts."

  "The Pods are are standard combinations of servers, vSphere, storage
   and networking: converged IT stacks in effect." ... "It chose Dell
   blade servers and Cisco networking." .....

HDD and flash array price equivalence
  *) NetApp: 13,140 kWh power usage, 44,834 BTU for cooling.
  *) Nimbus: 2,190 kWh power usage, 7,472 BTU for cooling.

S-class refresh

  "The system uses 24 flash modules, not standard off-the-shelf solid
   state drives (SSDs), with different flash densities per module
   to provide the 2.5, 5 and 10TB capacity points.

   Isakovich said: "We have developed new flash modules which deliver
   about two and a half times the performance of our first generation

   The S-class also has a new 144Gbit/s mid-plane with a fully
   non-blocking architecture so that all 24 flash modules get full
   bandwidth and there's no over-subscription. There are also
   12 processor cores instead of the previous 8."
  Thomas Isakovich, Nimbus CEO 
  "Up to 25 S-class enclosures can be stacked in a rack to get to 250TB
   of capacity, inside a single file system."

"Nimbus Revs Up Flash Storage Offering"
 August 02, 2011, HPCwire
[san-tech][02497] Nimbus S-class: Enterprise Flash Only File Server 

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