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[san-tech][03269] Nimble エントリーモデル発表 (Re: Nimble Storage: 新興 Converged Storage and Backup Solution)

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 00:18:01 +0900

"Nimble Storage Scales Down High Performance, Full-Featured SAN Storage
 for Smaller IT Environments"
 Converged Primary and Backup Storage Array Fits Modest Budgets While
 Delivering the Full Feature Set and Functionality Associated with
 Enterprise-Class Storage Systems
 July 14, 2011

  "... announced the availability of a new entry-level converged
   primary and backup storage array designed and priced to meet the
   requirements of smaller IT environments and remote offices while
   delivering the functionality and performance associated with
   enterprise-class storage area networks (SANs).

   The Nimble CS210 combines primary and backup storage in a single
   array, and is built around a new architecture designed for flash
   memory in combination with high-capacity drives - a solution that
   delivers extremely high performance at a low cost. While the system's
   capabilities and usable capacity of 8 terabytes (8TB) make it
   an ideal primary storage and backup system for smaller IT environments,
   its high performance also makes it the ideal platform for
   I/O-intensive applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure
   (VDI) deployments. Furthermore, built-in capacity optimization and
   WAN-efficient replication enable it to serve as a cost-effective
   offsite storage array for disaster recovery for small to midsize
   IT environments."

Nimble CS-Series Models and Features

Raw Disk Capacity: (Usable Disk Capacity, assuming 50% compression)
  Nimble CS210:         8TB  (8TiB) 
  Nimble CS220/CS220G: 12TB (16TiB), 
  Nimble CS240/CS240G: 24TB (32TiB)

Raw Flash Cache: (Usable Flash Cache, assuming 50% compression)
  Nimble CS210:        160GB (320GB)
  Nimble CS220/CS220G: 320GB (640GB)
  Nimble CS240/CS240G: 640GB (1.3TB)
※こちらは GiB単位ではありませんね?

Network Connections (all per controller)
  Nimble CS210:         4 x 1GbE (PDF Data Sheetに記載)
  Nimble CS220/CS240:   6 x 1GbE, 
  Nimble CS220G/CS240G: 2 x 10-GbE + 2x 1GbE


 Artis Capital Management Leads New Round, Joining Accel Partners,
 Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Sequoia Capital to Bring Company to
 July 14, 2011

"Nimble Storage raises $25M to bring flash to SMBs"
 Jul. 14, 2011, GigaOM
"Nimble adds storage system, grabs $25M in funding"
 Jul. 14, 2011, SearchStorage

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