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[san-tech][03328] "Erasure Coding - The New Approach to Data Archiving", August 4th, 2011, SiliconANGLE

Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 22:38:44 +0900
Wikibonに CTOの David Floyer氏が、Erasure Codingについて投稿している

"Erasure Coding - The New Approach to Data Archiving"
 August 4th 2011, SiliconANGLE
  "Now, says Wikibon CTO David Floyer in a new article on,
   an emerging data archiving approach called Erasure Coding, based on
   a fairly complicated mathematical analysis, promises very secure data
   archiving in the public cloud at an order-of-magnitude less cost than
   the three-data-center approach. The trade-off is that data access is
   slower, although certainly much faster and easier than access to data
   archived on tape. And it avoids the issues of media obsolescence
   as well as deterioration that plague older tape-based data."


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