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[san-tech][03330] カナダ政府 ITコストを削減:データセンター統合 (300 => 20)、E-mail system (100 => ONE) 等

Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 18:48:18 +0900

"Government of Canada to Reduce Information Technology Costs and
 Save Taxpayers' Dollars"
 August 4, 2011, Government of Canada

  "On behalf of the Government of Canada, the Honourable Rona Ambrose,
   Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for
   Status of Women, along with the Honourable Tony Clement, President
   of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Federal Economic
   Development Initiative for Northern Ontario, today announced
   measures to streamline and identify savings in
   Information Technology (IT) through Shared Services Canada."

  "The Government has over 100 different email systems, over 300
   data centres, and over 3,000 network services within the Federal
   Public Service. This is inefficient and wasteful. The Government
   will move to one email system, reduce the overall number of
   data centres from 300 to less than 20, and streamline electronic
   networks within and between government departments. This will
   improve services to Canadians, make IT more secure and reliable,
   and save taxpayers' dollars in line with the Government of Canada's
   plan to return to balanced budgets."

E-mail system: over 100 => ONE
Data Center: 300 => less than 20
  "All resources associated with the delivery of email, data centre
   and network services are being transferred from 44 of the more
   IT-intensive departments and agencies to a new entity called
   Shared Services Canada.  These departments and agencies will
   no longer provide these services internally. Rather, the services
   will be provided by Shared Services Canada."

Fact Sheet: Shared Services Canada
 Public Works and Government Services Canada
 August 4, 2011
※シンプルに良く纏まった資料 (現状・問題・解決方向等)

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

"Public Works and Government Services Canada's (PWGSC's) mandate
 is to be a common service agency for the Government of Canada's
 various departments, agencies and boards."

"Canadian Government To Close 280 Data Centers"
 August 5th, 2011, Data Center Knowledge

"Feds Target 292 More Data Centers for Closure"
 July 21st, 2011, Data Center Knowledge

"green opportunities in u.s.a. data center closings"
 Jul 21 2011, green data center news

"Why shutting down 800 federal data centers won't be easy"
 Aug. 1, 2011, GigaOM
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