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[san-tech][03321] IBM Redpaper(Draft): "Smarter Data Centers: Achieving Greater Efficiency"

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 01:29:42 +0900
まだ Draftレベルですが、IBM Redpaperです:

"Smarter Data Centers: Achieving Greater Efficiency"
 Last Update: 2011/07/29, Planned Publish Date: 2011/08/31

  "This IBM Redpaper publication can help your IT organization as
   it begins the journey to becoming a smarter data center. IBM wants
   to help others, particularly our clients, to chart a course to reap
   the benefits of lower costs and improved sustainability that running
   a green data center can provide. Understanding what is possible can
   speed your journey to an optimized smarter data center with
   sustainability designed into both the IT and facilities
   infrastructures. Although this paper is not all inclusive, it provides
   a quick start for going green in data centers. It also provides
   additional pointers and information. You can use this paper as
   a guide to becoming more energy efficient."

Table of contents:
  Chapter 1. The benefits of a smarter data center
  Chapter 2. Develop your strategy
  Chapter 3. Optimize your IT equipment
  Chapter 4. Optimize your site and facilities
  Chapter 5. Integrate across IT and facilities for the bigger picture
  Chapter 6. How we can help: IBM services and IBM Business Partners
  Appendix A. IBM smarter data center: an evolution of energy efficient operation

IBM Measurement and Management Technology (MMT)の紹介もあります:
4.1.2 MMT - Measurement and Management Technology



"2011 Energy Efficiency Indicator Global Survey Results"
 The Institute for Building Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Indicator

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