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[san-tech][03318] Fusion-ioを使用した場合の White Paper: "STATISTICA Performance with Fusion ioDrive", June 2011

Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2011 00:10:52 +0900
Fusion-io ioDriveに関する、StatSoft, Inc.の White Paper (3 Page) です:

"Fusion-io Unleashes CPUs, Reduces I/O Bottleneck to Accelerate StatSoft
 Data Analysis Software"

 White Paper from StatSoft Details 300-500% Performance Improvements and
 Latency Reductions in Testing Fusion ioMemory with STATISTICA Software
 July 28, 2011

  "... today announced that StatSoft, provider of a comprehensive
   array of data analysis, data management, data visualization and
   data mining technologies, recently tested Fusion's ioMemory platform
   with its flagship STATISTICA software, comparing Fusion ioDrives
   to disk-based storage components."

  "The StatSoft white paper concluded that Fusion ioDrives significantly
   increased the I/O performance in the STATISTICA suite of analytics
   software products and solutions, greatly increasing CPU utilization
   and efficiency. With ioMemory, StatSoft achieved 300 and 500 percent
   data performance and latency reduction improvements when compared
   to legacy disk-based storage. With the increased I/O performance
   enabled by the Fusion ioDrives, CPU utilization increased to 90 percent
   in tests of large data sets, versus the 32 percent CPU utilization
   observed with the disk-based technology."

"STATISTICA Performance with Fusion ioDrive."
 June 2011

  "Testing was performed using the ioDrive 160GB Single Level Cell (SLC)
   card, run on a 2.20GHz AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor running
   64-bit Vista Business with 8GB of RAM, configured with Samsung HD103UJ
   SCSI disk rotating at 7200 RPM."

  "The tests ran in two categories:
     1. Analyzing large spreadsheets
     2. Extensive TEMP directory access"


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