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[san-tech][03332] Intel: クラウドと組み込み研究に $30Mを CMUに投資、2011/08/03

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> 関連していると思われる Intel Press Release
> "Intel Labs to Invest $100 Million in U.S. University Research"
>  2011/01/26
> ----------------------------------------
> First Center Hosted by Stanford, Focused on Visual Computing
> *)Intel Labs announced $100 million cash investment in U.S. university
>   research over the next 5 years, marking a new model of collaboration
>   for the organization.
> *)Funding will support a number of Intel Science and Technology Centers;
>   the first such center will be led by Stanford University and focus on
>   next-generation visual computing.
> *)This new model of university-lead research is expected to provide U.S.
>   researchers with up to 5 times more funding from Intel Labs compared
>   to the previous approach, and enable engagements across a broader set
>   of universities.
> ----------------------------------------


Intel Science and Technology Center 


ISTC for Visual Computing at Stanford
ISTC for Secure Computing at UC Berkeley

今回新たに 2つのテーマが選定されました (引き続き募集中):

"Intel Labs Invests $30M in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing
 with the Opening of Latest Intel Science and Technology Centers"

*)Intel Labs announces two new Intel Science and Technology Centers
  (ISTC) hosted at Carnegie Mellon University focused on cloud and
  embedded computing research.
*)Intel to invest $30M in the new centers over five years, part of 
  its larger $100M program designed to increase university research
  and accelerate innovation.
*)Intel invites academic researchers to submit their ideas to become
  a funded ISTC in 2012.

ISTC for Cloud Computing at Carnegie Mellon
Intel Cloud 2015
 Original: 2010/10/26, Update: 2011/05/26

ISTC for Embedded Computing at Carnegie Mellon

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 Cloud and Embedded Computing"
 August 02, 2011, Research@Intel

"Intel invites you to submit a proposal for an Intel Science and Technology Center"
 August 03, 2011, Research@Intel

ISTC Call for abstracts

"Intel Invests For Everyone's Future"
 Aug. 3 2011, Forbes

"Intel Invests $30 Million in Cloud, Embedded Research Centers"

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