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[san-tech][03329] Linux 3.0で pNFSサポート?

Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 00:05:28 +0900
以前紹介した Linux 3.0

では全く触れてませんが、Panasasの Blogでは、

 July 29, 2011, Submitted by Barbara Murphy
  "...  Just to show that things do not move fast in the standards world,
   the IETF approved the first Internet Draft for the pNFS standard in 2008
   and finally by June 2011, pNFS for files and objects was only then
   included in latest kernel (version 3.0).

   The release of Linux Kernel 3.0 was a huge industry milestone.  Finally
   another hurdle to take full advantage of Parallelism has been removed
   with the standardization of pNFS as the long term file system of choice
   for HPC applications.  However it will likely be at least one more year
   before pNFS is in the hands of users as it still requires Linux software
   vendors to include it in commercial releases."

どの程度でしょうか (今まで各所で公開されていたのをまとめた感じ?)
試した (ソース展開された) 方いらっしゃいますか?

pNFS Overview, Panasas


pNFS, BlueArc

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