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[san-tech][03496] FINAL PROJECT REPORT: "Recovery Act: SeaMicro Volume Server Power Reduction Research Development", 03/22/2012

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:14:07 +0900
オバマ政権の景気刺激策 (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,
ARRA 2009) の一環として DOEから $9.3Mの投資を受けた SeaMicroの報告書です:

"Recovery Act: SeaMicro Volume Server Power Reduction Research Development"
 Andrew Fetter (SeaMicro, Inc.), et al.
 Publication Date: 2012 Mar 22

"Recovery Act funding from the Department of Energy has helped SeaMicro's
 technologies enhance the total cost of operation, performance and energy
 efficiency in large data center and Cloud environments. SeaMicro's
 innovative supercompute fabric connects thousands of processor cores,
 memory, storage and input/output traffic. The company's fabric
 supports multiple processor instruction sets. ..."
"As a result of the Recovery Act funding from the U.S. Department of
 Energy, more than 50 direct jobs were created at SeaMicro. ..."

  CHAPTER 1: SeaMicro Technology Overview
  CHAPTER 2: Redundancy and Reliability Overview
  CHAPTER 3: Test Plan to Show That SeaMicro System Saves Power and Space
  CHAPTER 4: SeaMicro Success: Mozilla Case Study
             eHarmony Case Study
  CHAPTER 5: SeaMicro Updated Compute Card to Address New Markets
  CHAPTER 6: Benefits, Commercialization Status and Conclusion
  APPENDIX: Photos and visual aids


CHAPTER 1: SeaMicro Technology Overview
Dynamic Compute Allocation Technology (DCAT) (Page 13)
"DCAT adds a layer of intelligence to the distribution of work to
 the 512 CPUs by combining CPU management and stateful load balancing.
 The SeaMicro management software is aware of the health of, and
 the workload on, all the CPUs in the system. Based on this knowledge,
 the management software can transparently provision the CPUs and
 dynamically program the field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)
 to direct traffic to one group of CPUs and away from another.
 The technology works by creating Virtual IP addresses which can
 be assigned to pools of compute as small as one server and as large as
 512 servers. The stateful hardware load balancer then distributes
 flows across these pools of servers using various load-management
 algorithms including round-robin, least connections, and max
 connections to enable the internal servers to be used effectively at
 the most optimal power consumption levels without degradation of
 end user performance. ..."

CHAPTER 2: Redundancy and Reliability Overview
I/O and Storage Cards (Page 15)
"Connecting to the fabric at multiple locations are the I/O and
 storage cards. The I/O and storage cards have a similar architecture.
 Both the I/O and the storage card contain two FPGAs and each FPGA
 connects to four different "ASICs" in the fabric. In the case of
 a FPGA link failure, the SeaMicro fabric routing automatically
 forwards traffic via one of the remaining three unaffected paths. ..."


[san-tech][01982] ARRA (DOE) $47M データセンター関連投資
(Re: オバマ政権景気刺激策 (ARRA) HPC関連報告)
 Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 05:56:03 +0900

> DOE経由で、データセンター関連技術に ARRAから $47M 投資されることになり
> ました:
> "Secretary Chu Announces $47 Million to Improve Efficiency in
>  Information Technology and Communications Sectors
>  Recovery Act Projects to Lower Energy Use by Data Centers and
>  Telecommunications Systems", January 6, 2010
> "Department of Energy is awarding $47 million for 14 projects across
>  the country to support the development of new technologies that can
>  improve energy efficiency in the information technology (IT) and
>  communication technology sectors. The data processing, data storage,
>  and telecommunications industries are a crucial part of the American
>  information economy."


> Award Selections for Industrial Technologies Program Recovery Act Funding


> Equipment & Software Projects
>     * SeaMicro Inc. ($9.3 million)


> 注目は SeaMicro Inc. ($9.3 million) です。
> "SeaMicro is building solutions that revolutionize the data center
>  landscape. Currently in stealth mode, "
> Stealthモードでも政府から投資を受けられるのですね。


> ちなみに、SeaMicro Inc.の特許申請
> "Hardware-Based Virtualization of BIOS, Disks, Network-Interfaces, &
>  Consoles Using a Direct Interconnect Fabric"
>   United States Patent Application 20080320181
>   Inventors: Lauterbach, Gary and Rao, Anil, Filing Date: 06/10/2008
> "Dis-Aggregated and Distributed Data-Center Architecture Using a Direct
>  Interconnect Fabric"
>    United States Patent Application 20090216920
>   Inventors: Lauterbach, Gary and Rao, Anil, Filing Date: 05/05/2009

[san-tech][02372] SeaMicro Atomベースサーバ発表
 Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 15:45:17 +0900

> ついに、SeaMicro社が製品を発表しました:
> "SeaMicro Unveils Revolutionary x86 Server, Slashing Power and Space by 75 Percent"
>  June 14, 2010
>   "SeaMicro's SM10000 integrates 512 Intel Atom processors with Ethernet
>    switching, server management and application load-balancing to create
>    a "plug and play" standards-based server that dramatically reduces
>    power draw and footprint without requiring any modifications to
>    existing software."
[san-tech][03276] SeaMicro: Atom 768 64-bit Core (同サイズ) サーバ発表
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