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[san-tech][03491] Cleversafe's New Models: Highest Reliability, Lowest Cost, Lowest Power Consuming, March 26, 2012

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 19:34:27 +0900
Object-Based Access分散ストレージメーカーの Cleversafeから低価格ラインが

"Cleversafe Announces New Slicestor Models Propelling Its Limitless
 Data Storage System Well Ahead of the Industry in Power Efficiency
 and Reliability"
 Cleversafe's Innovative Object-Based Dispersed Storage Technology
 Combined with Its New Slicestor Models Delivers the Highest Reliability,
 Lowest Cost, Lowest Power Consuming Big Data Storage Solution Available
 March 26, 2012

  "... announced today new Slicestor models to deliver the highest
   reliability, lowest cost, lowest power consuming big data storage
   solution available in the industry today. The newest Slicestor models
   integrate seamlessly into Cleversafe's award-winning Dispersed Storage
   Network architecture currently being used to solve the growing global
   issue of unstructured data."
  "... Cleversafe's Slicestor models feature a 4U form factor with
   45-drive enclosures with sufficient processing, memory and networking
   capacity to preserve big data assets. The company offers a choice of
   highest capacity (currently 3 TB) in its cost-optimized
   or performance-optimized SATA disk drives the most efficient of which
   can reduce power consumption between 70 and 90% over traditional
   storage systems"
Product features:
  "The Slicestor 1410 model is the lowest cost solution offering 135TB of
   raw capacity using desktop class (5400 RPM) SATA disk drives. ...
   approximately 3.2 W/TB at idle and 3.9 W/TB under load."
  "The Slicestor 1420 model offers slightly faster desktop class SATA
   disk drives (7200 RPM) and only consumes power at 3.6 W/TB at idle
   and 4.9 W/TB under load ..."

Software + Hardware, Products
※現時点では、Slicestor 1410/1420の紹介はありません。
Object-Based Access Methods, Products

"Paradigm Shift in Digital Asset Storage"
"Why RAID is Dead for Big Data Storage"
"Media and Entertainment Goes Digital"

"Cleversafe pumps up object store, slaps on big data sticker"
 Cheaper boxes for bigger data
 27th March 2012, The Register
  "Cleversafe targets unstructured data storage applications, with
   a big data marketing tag, and has a dispersed storage scheme for
   its object storage. This is based on data being sliced into pieces
   which are stored across different Slicestor boxes. It says its
   storage can survive simultaneous disk drive, server or network

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