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[san-tech][03500] Morphlabs Launches First All SSD Cloud Platform, March 26, 2012

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:38:21 +0900
Morphlabsから All SSD Cloud Platformがアナウンスされました:

"Morphlabs Launches First All Solid State Drive (SSD) Cloud Platform
 based on Dell Technology"
 March 26, 2012

  "Morphlabs, the leader in converged Dynamic Infrastructure Services
   for the enterprise, today announced the first end-to-end SSD cloud
   platform for data centers, service providers and global enterprise
   customers. Morphlabs' mCloud Data Center Unit (DCU) will be powered
   by the Dell PowerEdge C portfolio, the hyperscale server line
   developed by the Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) team"

  "... With support from Dell, Morphlabs brings to market the first
   all-SSD converged infrastructure platform, enabling enterprises
   to deploy and launch applications significantly faster. Already
   optimized by the sophisticated orchestration capabilities of
   mCloud's technology, the mCloud platform’s innovative use of SSD
   technology allows for exponentially higher performance with
   an increase in input/output operations per second (IOPs) of
   up to 10 times. ..."

"The First All-SSD Infrastructure Cloud…and Why This is a Big Deal"
 March 27, 2012, Morphlabs Blog

"Morphlabs Intros All-SSD-Based Cloud Platform"
 3, 28, 2012, CRN
  "The mCloud DCU platform, which started out as a software solution
   for converged infrastructure but which since last July was expanded
   to include hardware, includes Dell PowerEdge C blade servers,
   networking technology from Arista Networks, NAS/SAN storage software
   developer Nexenta Systems, and a variety of open-source software,
   said Yoram Heller, Morphlabs' vice president of corporate development."
  "The Morphlabs mCloud DCU includes Dell PowerEdge C5220 and C6105
   scalable blade servers"

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  1. cloud services2012/04/04 17:40:00

    Presently I work for Dell and I liked reading through your blog that talks about the launch of SSD with Cloud Technology . I think cloud computing is turning out to be a very useful service for the users.