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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 21:10:03 +0900
Btrfs開発の中心人物の Chris Masonさんが、 Oracleを去り 2012年 6月 11日
から Fusion-ioに移られるそうです。

From: Chris Mason <chris.mason <at>>
Subject: Leaving Oracle
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.file-systems, gmane.comp.file-systems.btrfs
Date: 2012-06-07 01:04:48 GMT (1 day and 54 minutes ago)
> Oracle has been a fantastic place to work, and I really appreciate their
> support for my projects.  But, I've decided to take a new position at
> Fusion-io.  I will start the new job on Monday, June 11.
> From a Btrfs point of view, very little will change.  I'll still
> maintain Btrfs and will continue all of my Btrfs development in the
> open.  Oracle will still use Btrfs in their Oracle Linux products, and
> I'll work with all of the distros using Btrfs in production.
> Fusion-io really believes in open source, and I'm excited to help
> them shape the future of high performance storage.

USENIX ;login: (February 2012) の Btrfs解説記事が公開されています:

"Btrfs: The Swiss Army Knife of Storage"
 Josef Bacik, Lead developer on Btrfs for Red Hat
 ;login: issue: February 2012

Chapter (9 pages)
  Btrfs's B-tree
  Future Proofing
  Space Allocation
  Solid State Drives
  Filesystem Consistency

Btrfs Wiki

Stable: Yet to be released
As of Linux 3.2 (released January 4, 2012), btrfs implements:
*)Online defragmentation
*)Online volume growth and shrinking
*)Online block device addition and removal
*)Online balancing (movement of objects between block devices to balance load)
*)Object-level RAID0, RAID1, and RAID10
*)Subvolumes (one or more separately-mountable filesystem roots within
  each physical partition)
*)Transparent compression (zlib and LZO)
*)Snapshots (read-only or copy-on-write clones of subvolumes)
*)File cloning (copy-on-write on individual files, or byte ranges thereof)
*)Checksums on data and metadata (CRC-32C)
*)In-place conversion (with rollback) from ext3/4 to Btrfs
*)File system seeding (Btrfs on read-only storage used as a copy-on-write
  backing for a writeable Btrfs)
*)Block discard support (reclaims space on some virtualized setups
  and improves wear leveling on SSDs with TRIM)

Linux 3.3 (18 Mar 2012)
1. Prominent features in Linux 3.3
  2. Btrfs: restriping between different RAID levels, improved balancing,
     improved debugging tools
  Improved balancing, raid restripping
  Improved debugging

USENIX ;login: (February 2012) の特集は Filesystemsです:

  Btrfs: The Swiss Army Knife of Storage
  Data Availability and Durability with the Hadoop Distributed File System
  Server Message Block in the Age of Microsoft Glasnost
*)Btrfs以外は USENIX会員公開です (個別購入可能)。

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