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[san-tech][03276] SeaMicro: Atom 768 64-bit Core (同サイズ) サーバ発表

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 22:46:38 +0900
SeaMicroから搭載コア数が 768個の新サーバが発表されました (サイズは同じ):

"SeaMicro Introduces the SM10000-64HD, Setting Industry Record for
 Energy Efficiency and Compute Density"
 July 17, 2011

SeaMicro's SM10000-64HD system is comprised of:

  *)384 x86 dual-core 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processors,
  *)1.536 terabytes of DDR3 DRAM,
  *)up to 64 SATA solid state or hard disk drives,
  *)8 - 64 one gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

Additional benefits include:

  *)support for 64-bit operating systems,
  *)four gigabytes of addressable memory per socket,
  *)industry leading density with 768 cores per 10 rack unit, 
    or 3,072 cores per 7-foot rack, 

The SM10000 Family

64-bit SM10000-64HD (768 Core, 384 Intel N570@1.66GHz, 4GB DDR3)
64-bit SM10000-64 (512 Core, 256 Intel N570@1.66GHz, 4GB)
32-bit SM10000 (512 Core, 512 Intel Z530@1.6GHz, 1GB or 2GB)

SM10000-64HDはボード当たり 6個の N570を搭載し、総コア数を増やしています。
(SM10000-64はボード当たり 4個の N570、32-bit版はボード当たり 8個搭載)。
※Compute Cardは全てのモデルで 64枚収容で同じ。
※各ボード画像は、以下の The Registerで紹介。


"SeaMicro pushes 'Atom smasher' to 768 cores in 10U box"
 A lot more bang for some more bucks
 18th July 2011, The Register
  "Just by increasing the processor count by 50 per cent on each server
   card, SeaMicro is able to decrease power consumption per processor
   by 18 per cent because the ASICs and interconnect are shared across
   more computing units without any extra power draw."

Server Board:
"The server card for the SM10000-64HD"
"The new SeaMicro Atom N570 server board for the SM10000-64 server"
"The first-generation SeaMicro Atom Z530 server board"


"SeaMicro drops 64-bit Atom bomb server"
 'This is Intel's mantle to lose'
 28th February 2011, The Register

"SeaMicro Packs 768 Cores Into its Atom Server"
 July 18th, 2011, Data Center Knowledge
[san-tech][02987] SeaMicro: 64bit版 Atom採用マシン発表 (トータル 512コア)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:49:31 +0900

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