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[san-tech][03270] オーストラリアも炭素税導入 (2012/07/01 --)

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 00:18:02 +0900
2012年 7月 1日から、オーストラリアも炭素税を導入します:
※データセンターにも影響が出て来そう (既に出ているかな)。

"Australia puts a price on carbon"
 Jul 11, 2011,

  "The Australian Federal Government has announced a carbon tax of $23
   per tonne effective from July 1 next year.

   Designed to slash the nation's carbon emissions by 159 million tonnes
   a year, the tax will apply to Australia's top 500 polluters under
   a two-phase fixed and flexible scheme."

  "Australia's carbon tax was officially announced on Sunday by
   Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan and
   Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet."
  "The long-term impact the tax will have on investments in Australian
   data centre infrastructure is uncertain, however researchers from
   analyst firm Gartner have claimed that the impending tax and
   Australia's deep reliance on taxable energy sources had prevented
   major cloud vendors from establishing Australian operations."

"Dirty energy keeps data centre builders at bay"
 Jun 30, 2011,

Why aren't cloud providers setting up shop in Australia?

  "Australia's 'dirty' energy sources and carbon tax debate could be
   deterring international cloud service providers from establishing
   on-shore data centres, according to Gartner analysts."
  "Ninety-two percent of Australia's energy was sourced from fossil
   fuels, Blosch found, reporting that this was "far from conducive
   to the development of a long-term green IT services sector"."
  "Microsoft served Australian users of its Azure cloud platform from
   data centres in Singapore and Hong Kong; Amazon from Singapore and
   Japan; and from Singapore and the US.

   Blosch highlighted IBM's recent launch of a $61 million Auckland
   data centre for white-labelled cloud computing service providers,
   noting that New Zealand generated electricity from geothermal,
   wind, tidal and hydro sources.
Marcus Blosch, Vice President, Gartner research

"IBM opens $61 million Auckland data centre"
 May 27, 2011,
"Microsoft won't reveal location of Azure data centres"
 Feb 24, 2010,
"Amazon opens Japanese data centres"
 Mar 3, 2011,

排出上位 500社選定関連の記事

"Tech companies on carbon tax shortlist"
 July 11th, 2011, ZDNet Australia

"We could tell you who the top 500 polluters are,
 but then we'd have to kill you"
 July 11, 2011,

  "THE Federal Government says about 500 companies will pay for the
   right to pollute - but can't reveal who they are to the public.

   Commercial privacy laws prevent the Government from naming companies
   that will pay for their carbon emissions under the scheme."

"Australia introduces carbon tax"
 11th July, 2011, DatacenterDynamics
"Australia's data center industry and carbon tax"
 Exactly what affect could a carbon tax have on Australia's data center
 industry?  We spoke to one market expert to find out
 12th July, 2011, DatacenterDynamics

"Aussie carbon tax in actually-makes-sense shocker"
 Taxing CO2 without hitting the less-well-off
 11th July 2011, The Register
"Data centres become carbon tax scare-story"
 Your rackspace will cost you more!
 12th July 2011, The Register

Government launches 'Clean Energy Package'
 Sunday, July 10th, 2011

"Chapter 3 - Putting a price on carbon pollution"
 Securing a Clean Energy Future

Clean Energy Future
"Prime Minister Julia Gillard launches the Clean Energy Future website"
 2011/07/08, cefgovau, 1:05, 480p

  "Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomes users to the Clean Energy Future
   website. Launched on 10 July 2011, the website gives the Australian
   public facts about how a carbon price will work, and what it means for
   a sustainable and prosperous Australia."
原稿ありの ↑のビデオ埋め込みサイト:

解説アニメーション (3部作):
"animations explaining how a carbon price can reduce carbon pollution
 and move towards a clean energy future."

"Why act on carbon pollution now?"
 2011/07/08, cefgovau, 1:26, 480p
"How does carbon pricing work?"
 2011/07/08, cefgovau, 1:35, 480p
"What are the benefits of a carbon price?"
 2011/07/08, cefgovau, 1:17, 480p

Our plan
"The Australian Government's comprehensive plan for securing a clean
 energy future. The plan will cut pollution and drive investment,
 helping to ensure Australia can compete and remain prosperous in
 the future."

ジュリア・ギラード (Julia Eileen Gillard) オーストラリア首相

"Gillard sees tsunami devastation first hand"
 April 24, 2011, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
"Australia's Carbon Tax and Data Centers"
 July 14th, 2011, Data Center Knowledge
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