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[san-tech][03286] NetLogic と EZchipが提携, July 18, 2011

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"NetLogic Microsystems and EZchip Collaborate to Deliver High-Performance
 Packet Processing Solutions for Terabit Class Systems"
 July 18, 2011

  "NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETL), a worldwide leader in
   high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions for
   next-generation Internet networks, and EZchip Semiconductor Ltd.
   (NASDAQ:EZCH), a leader in Ethernet network processors, today
   announced that the companies are collaborating to deliver the
   industry's highest performance, merchant, packet-processing solutions
   for IPv6-ready Terabit class systems.  By optimizing and implementing
   exclusive operational modes in both EZchip's NP-4 100Gbps network
   processor (NPU) and NetLogic Microsystems' NL11k knowledge-based
   processor, the companies are enabling customers to achieve enhanced
   performance and functionality when using both the processors together
   when compared to alternative solutions.  The companies have achieved
   broad design success across leading Tier One OEMs adopting
   the 100G NP-4 NPU and the industry-leading NL11k knowledge-based
   processor.  In addition, the companies are collaborating to further
   enhance the performance optimizations and tight coupling between
   EZchip's next-generation NP-5 200Gbps NPU and NetLogic
   Microsystems'next-generation of knowledge-based processors at
   the 28 nm node."

Products, NetLogic Microsystems
NETL7 Knowledge-based Processor Family
Layers 2-4 Knowledge-based Processors
※相変わらず NL11Kの紹介はありませんんが、

EZchip Technologies
NP-4 Network Processor
NP-4 EZappliance Platform
Products & Solutions
EZchip's Task Optimized Processing Core Technology
White Papers

Executive Management Biographies

Q1 2011 Corporate Presentation, May 2011

"Network Processors: Architecture, Programming, and Implementation
 (Systems on Silicon)"
 Ran Giladi, 
    Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion University
    Board member of EZchip Technologies
 ハードカバー: 736ページ
 出版社: Morgan Kaufmann (2008/7/30)


"EZchip Announces OpenFlow 1.1 Implementations on its NP-4 100-Gigabit
 Network Processor"
 July 13, 2011
  ""EZchip's NP-4 processor provides the flexibility and performance
   necessary for implementing OF1.1 as well as any future versions of
   the standard. NP-4's easy programming model enabled the UQAM Netvirt
   team to realize our OF1.1 full implementation with a high level of
   flexibility and a full 100 Gigabits. We are very pleased with the
   outcome," said Prof. Omar Cherkaoui, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
   A demo summary of the related work using EZchip's NP-4 performed by
   UQAM can be downloaded at

Omar Cherkaoui, Professor, Universite du Quebec a Montreal
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