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[san-tech][03279] "Intel to Acquire Fulcrum Microsystems", 2011/07/19

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 14:29:24 +0900
Intel, Fulcrum Microsystemsからのプレスリリース:

"Intel to Acquire Fulcrum Microsystems"
 July 19, 2011

  "Intel Corporation today announced it signed a definitive agreement
   to acquire Fulcrum Microsystems Inc., a privately held fabless
   semiconductor company that designs Ethernet switch silicon for data
   center network providers."

  "..... said Andy Bechtolsheim ... "Fulcrum Microsystems has
   architecture capabilities ideal for low-latency applications, and
   we are excited about the future possibilities of this technology
   as Fulcrum is acquired by Intel, the world's largest semiconductor
Andy Bechtolsheim, Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman of
Arista Networks.

"Intel to acquire network IC provider Fulcrum"
 7/19/2011, EETimes
"Fulcrum buy could signal shift for Intel"
 7/19/2011, EETimes

"Intel snaps up network chipper Fulcrum"
 Low-power chores to which Xeons won't stoop
 19th July 2011, The Register

"Intel buys networking chipmaker because the data center is now
 the computer"
 Jul. 19, 2011, GigaOM

  "Update: Looks like Arista's Ullal agrees. She emailed GigaOM
   saying that deal was great for the industry because it validates
   the concept of merchant silicon as opposed to the specialized
   chips that Cisco and other networking vendors built. It also
   moves Intel into the networking sector helping it diversify.
   Now switch builders can choose from silicon from Intel, Broadcom
   or Marvell. She added, "This is great for Arista as Fulcrum now
   has backing of Intel (and truly address the enterprise to cloud
   networking migration in a mainstream manner). Arista has been
   one of Fulcrum's top customers.""
Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO of Arista Networks.

"Intel Steps Into Cisco Territory with Latest Buy"
 JULY 19TH 2011, siliconANGLE

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