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[san-tech][02394] "Livermore Lab Bellies Up to Native ZFS Linux Port", 2010/06/08, insideHPC

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 08:52:22 +0900
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> "Sequoia Update"
>  Tom Spelce, Development Environment Group, LLNL
> ※なんと、Sequoiaの Lustreは ZFSベース (QDR InfiniBand SAN) です。
> ※Hyperion Projectで、安定性や相性の目処が付いたのでしょうか・・・

"Livermore Lab Bellies Up to Native ZFS Linux Port", 06.8.2010

  "As a part of helping to further augment the Lustre file system with
   ZFS support, the Livermore team is helping to perform a native Linux
   ZFS port.  Linux currently has a ZFS port via FUSE due to the inherent
   licensing issues with Sun/Oracle and ZFS.  There are currently too 
   many issues between the CDDL and GPL to make ZFS a part of the Linux

ZFS and Lustre

ZFS on Linux
Native ZFS for Linux!

1.1 What about the licensing issue?
  "One way to resolve this issue is to implement ZFS in user space with
   FUSE where it is not considered a derived work of the kernel. This
   approach resolves the licensing issues but it has some technical
   drawbacks. There is another option though. The CDDL does not restrict
   modification and release of the ZFS source code which is publicly
   available as part of OpenSolaris. The ZFS code can be modified
   to build as a CDDL licensed kernel module which is not distributed
   as part of the Linux kernel. This makes a Native ZFS on Linux
   implementation possible if you are willing to download and build it

主宰者の Brian Behlendorf氏

Projects, Linux at Livermore

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