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[san-tech][02852] 次世代空港システムで必要なデータバンド幅、January 2010, TINA

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:23:09 +0900
これも The Registerの記事ですが:

"How much bandwidth will next gen airports need?"
 22nd November 2010, The Register

  "Airports need to be jacked up to the gills with ubiquitous systems
   requiring increasingly high levels of computational power - 
   intelligent automation; unobtrusive safety and security; passengers
   and their devices; processing of goods and luggage; information and
   transportation systems; and all those shops."

  "So what's needed? The requirements involve fixed and mobile
   appliances, so an intelligent, adaptive, self-organising and
   self-managing wired and wireless infrastructure is going to fit the


TINA (The INtelligent Airport) project

Facts and figures
での報告値 (未だ確定ではありません)

The network must support:

  *)1,000 Fixed and 500 Mobile Video Cameras - 10 Gb/s
  *)500 Displays - 10 Gb/s
  *)500 Biometric Scanners - 10 Gb/s
  *)Private and Public Fixed and Wireless LAN - 20 Gb/s
  *)Cellular services - 10 Gb/s
  *)TETRA and private radio - 0.5 Gb/s
  *)Passive RFID - 0.2 Gb/s 
  *)Active locatable RFID - 5 Gb/s

Aggregate Mean Rate 65.7 Gb/s; assumed Aggregate Peak Rate 100 Gb/s

The Registerから

  "The TINA project hasn't yet agreed a trial but are in discussions
   with airport operators and other sectors, as well."

TINA (The INtelligent Airport) project

"This project existed to develop a next generation advanced wired and
 wireless network to meet the potential requirements for future
 "intelligent airports"."

 The project completed in January 2010. Please see our showcase of
 the outcomes of the project."

Aims of the project

TINA showcase 2010

"A showcase event was held at the close of the TINA project, in Cambridge
 on 8th January 2010"

1. Introduction
2. RF Bandwidth Mapping: An Airport Simulator
3. MOOSE: A New Scalable Network Infrastructure
4. Tracking using Active RFID Tags
5. Passive RFID Airport Applications
6. The Hong Kong TINA Project

1 - 5は、slideshare経由で講演資料が公開されています。



MOOSE: scalable Ethernet

"MOOSE, Multi-level Origin-Organised Scalable Ethernet, is an Ethernet
 switch architecture that performs in-place rewriting of MAC addresses
 in order to impose a hierarchy upon the address space without
 reconfiguration or modification of connected devices. This removes
 the need for switches to maintain large forwarding databases, is of
 direct use in implementing improved routing, and allows for a variety
 of other scalability and security innovations."


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