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[san-tech][02901] Oracle:Sun Grid Engine資産を Univaに売却, January 18, 2011

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:13:11 +0900
"Univa Acquires Grid Engine Expertise"
 January 18, 2011

  "... today announced that the principal engineers from the Sun/Oracle
   Grid Engine team, including Grid Engine founder and original project
   owner Fritz Ferstl, are joining Univa. The company will immediately
   offer superior engineering support for Grid Engine versions already
   installed and will publish a Univa version of Grid Engine before the
   end of Q1 2011. Univa will concentrate on improving Grid Engine for
   technical computing and HPC use cases in addition to promoting the
   continuity of the Grid Engine open source community."


"Univa Refines Data Center Optimization Strategy"
 January 10, 2011

  "Univa, a leader in management software for physical, virtual and
   cloud environments, today announced its strategy and development
   plans for a complete reference architecture and software stack
   designed to deliver new levels of data center optimization."

"Univa Grid Engine 8.0 Now Available"
 April 12, 2011

  "... today announced the availability of Univa Grid Engine 8.0,
   the company's initial release of Grid Engine that is quality
   controlled and fully supported by Univa. This release enhances
   the Grid Engine open source core platform with significant patches,
   advanced features as well as integrations with enterprise-ready
   systems and cloud management solutions that will allow organizations
   to more readily implement the most scalable and high performing
   distributed computing solution on the market."

Univa Grid Engine

"Univa Unifies Grid Engine and Eucalyptus Clouds"
 May 24, 2011

  "... today announced it has partnered with Eucalyptus Systems to
   enable organizations to seamlessly integrate Eucalyptus on-premise
   cloud management software into their Grid Engine compute environments.
   This enables organizations using Grid Engine to fully exploit
   the benefits of dynamic, scalable and self-serve cloud systems within
   the backbone of their production compute and data analysis

Eucalyptus Systems


"Univa forks Oracle's Sun Grid Engine"
 18th January 2011, The Register

"Univa Acquires Grid Engine Expertise"
 January 18, 2011, HPCwire

  "The overarching goal, he says, is to unify the community "as it was."
   Tyreman insists they are committed to working with the Open Grid
   Scheduler (OGS) project, which will be the repository for the open
   source version of the software. "There will always be an open source
   version of Grid Engine available," he declares."
Gary Tyreman, Univa CEO

Open Grid Scheduler

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