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[san-tech][03289] "DOD Announces First Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace", July 14, 2011

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 18:02:30 +0900
直接関わる可能性は低いと思いますが、米国防省から Cyberspace戦略が公開

"DOD Announces First Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace"
 July 14, 2011

  "The Department of Defense released today the DoD Strategy for
   Operating in Cyberspace (DSOC).  It is the first DoD unified strategy
   for cyberspace and officially encapsulates a new way forward for DoD's
   military, intelligence and business operations."

"Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace (DSOC)"
 Department of Defense For Operating in Cyberspace
 July 2011, 19 Page

Table of Contents (一部)

*)Strategic Initiative 1: Treat cyberspace as an operational domain to
  organize, train, and equip so that DoD can take full advantage of
  cyberspace's potential

*)Strategic Initiative 2: Employ new defense operating concepts to
  protect DoD networks and systems

*)Strategic Initiative 3: Partner with other U.S. government departments
  and agencies and the private sector to enable a whole-of-government
  cybersecurity strategy

*)Strategic Initiative 4: Build robust relationships with U.S. allies
  and international partners to strengthen collective cybersecurity

*)Strategic Initiative 5: Leverage the nation's ingenuity through
  an exceptional cyber workforce and rapid technological innovation

"Officials to Release DOD Cyber Strategy"
 July 11, 2011

  "Officials expect to release the Defense Department's first cyber
   strategy July 14, a Pentagon spokesman said today.

   Marine Corps Col. Dave Lapan told reporters that because the release
   will be an unclassified version of the strategy, it will not be greatly
  "The strategy addresses the economic, security, law enforcement,
   military, governance, international development and internet freedom
   aspects of the cyber realm."

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United States Cyber Command

"U.S. Cyber Command Fact Sheet"
 May 25, 2010, US Department of Defense
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