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[san-tech][03272] SlideCast: Gluster - A Better Way to Do Storage

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 18:54:34 +0900
insideHPCの Richさんによる Glusterの SlideCastです。説明は、
  Tom Trainer, Director Product Marketing, Gluster, Inc
  John Kreisa, VP Marketing, Gluster, Inc

"Gluster - A Better Way to Do Storage"
 2011/07/13, RichReport, 20:30 (12:00位から質疑応答), 480p

されています (登録すればダウンロード可能)

Gluster, slideshare

Presentationは 8個公開されています、例えば最新の
"GlusterFS Architecture - June 30, 2011 Meetup"

GlusterFS Meetup Group of Silicon Valley

Evolution of GlusterFS (Page 9)
2010 GlusterFS v3.1
  Elastic Cloud capabilities

2011 Q2 GlusterFS v3.2
  GeoGraphic replication,  Enhanced monitoring, Directory level quotas
  (also works as cloud usage billing APIs)

2011 Q3/Q4
  Hadoop HDFS drop-in replacement, Unified File and Object Storage
  (Amazon S3 compatible) and Near CDP.
とあります。最新リリースは v3.2.2です:

Gluster 3.2.x Documentation. Main Page - GlusterDocumentation

3.2.2 is the latest GlusterFS version
Gluster 3.2.2 Release Notes

"Performance in a Gluster System"
 Versions 3.1.x, 2011
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Gluster Blog
[san-tech][03202] Brightcove (Online Video Platform) が GlusterFSを採用

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