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[san-tech][03261] Video, Slides: BlueArc at ISC'11

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 04:07:21 +0900
ISC '11での BluArcのプレゼンテーションビデオとスライドが公開されてます:

"Video: Blue-Arc - Innovating with Standards for File Storage at Scale"
 07.12.2011, insideHPC

  "In this video from ISC’11, BlueArc's James Reaney presents, 
   "Innovating with Standards for File Storage at Scale." These fast-paced
   Hot Seat Sessions have been a trademark of ISC for many years, providing
   HPC vendors an opportunity to present their latest technologies in front
   of a board of inquisitors."

"ISC'11 Hot-Seat - James Reaney, BlueArc:
 "Innovating with Standards for File Storage at Scale""
 2011/07/11, VideoISCEvents, 11:58, 480p

"BlueArc Technology Update"
 James Reaney, Executive Director, Research Markets

Example of v1.0 BlueArc pNFS config (最後のスライド)
pNFS, BlueArc
BlueArc and pNFS: A Commitment to Performance Through Standards

White paper:
"The State of pNFS: The Parallel File System Market in 2011"
 Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research
 March 2011"
"BlueArc's Architecture for NFS v4.1 and pNFS"
"SiliconFS, The BlueArc Filesystem"

BlueArc pNFS
BlueArc pNFS Demo

Cluster Name Space

Storage Platforms
Titan Series Servers
Mercury Series
Storage Arrays From BlueArc

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