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[san-tech][03268] "Crossroads Systems Signs Strategic Agreement with IBM", July 13, 2011

Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 22:31:44 +0900

"Crossroads Systems Signs Strategic Agreement with IBM"
 IBM to Offer Crossroads ReadVerify Appliance (RVA) to Monitor
 the Health of Tape Storage Systems and Offer a New Level of
 Efficiency to IBM Customers
 July 13, 2011

  "Crossroads Systems, Inc. (OTC.PK: CRDS) signed a worldwide
   cross-license agreement with IBM. The two companies also signed
   a new agreement that will offer the Crossroads ReadVerify Appliance
   (RVAR) to IBM customers."

About ReadVerify Appliance (RVA)
  "Crossroads ReadVerify Appliance (RVA) is a standalone and virtual
   appliance that proactively validates the integrity of tape backup
   systems. Greatly reducing tape replacement costs and helping 
   to keep data recoverable, RVA provides a tool to monitor, track
   and report on the performance, utilization and health of tape
   devices and tape media. By continually diagnosing operational
   backup errors, organizations can experience impressive performance
   improvements and significant cost savings."

Crossroads ReadVerify Appliance ( IBM 3222 RV1) for tape library environments

ReadVerify Appliance Device Matrix

ReadVerify Appliance (RVA)

How Do I Reduce the Risk of Losing Data?
"ArchiveVerify (AV), an optional feature for RVA, reduces your risk of
 losing data stored on tape and lowers backup and archive costs. With
 AV verification procedures are automatically initiated, and analysis
 conducted on the entire written length of tape media to ensure that
 whats been written to tape can be read back. Reporting capabilities
 help fulfill requirements for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and
 regulatory compliance audits."

"Crossroads ReadVerify Appliance Adopted by IBM"
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