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[san-tech][03525] Intel SSD 910 Series: PCIe-based 400GB and 800GB, April 12, 2012

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 01:36:10 +0900
"Intel SSD 910 Review: PCI Express-Based Enterprise Storage"
 July 3, 2012, Tom's Hardware,3226.html

"Intel SSD 910 PCI Express SSD Performance Review"
 May 04, 2012, HotHardware

[Links]: Intel Ivy Bridge Reviews, 2012/04/23 (22) & Intel acquires Cray's Interconnect Technology, 2012/04/24
[san-tech][03529] Slide: Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing (April 11-12, 2012)

"Intel's SSD 910: Finally a PCIe SSD from Intel"
 4/12/2012, AnandTech
  "... The first PCB features either two or four SAS SSD controllers, jointly
   developed by Intel and Hitachi (the same controllers are used in Hitachi's
   Ultrastar SSD400M). These controllers are very similar to Intel's
   X25-M/G2/310/320 controller family but with a couple of changes.
   The client controller features a single CPU core, while the Intel/Hitachi
   controller features two cores (one managing the NAND side of the drive
   while the other managing the SAS interface). Both are 10-channel designs,
   although the 910's implementation features 14 NAND packages per controller."
   "In front of the four controllers is an LSI 2008 SAS to PCIe bridge. There's
   no support for hardware RAID, each controller presents itself to the OS
   as a single drive with a 200GiB (186GB) capacity. ..."

"Intel's 910 PCIe SSD Enterprise Flash Controller Takes Aim
 At The Datacenter Storage Market"
 April 12, 2012, The SSD Review

"Intel penetrates PCIe flash biz with long-lasting hardness"
 Duracell-Bunny-styled SSD 910 goes on... and on
 13th April 2012, The Register

"インテル、高性能、高耐久性、高信頼性を提供するインテルR SSD 910 シリーズを発表"
 2012 年 4 月 13 日

"インテル SSD 910 シリーズに関する仕様は以下の通りです。
 価格は OEM 向け出荷価格です。小売製品の価格は異なります"
  400 GB: 0.75GB/s/1GB/s: @162,490 円
  800 GB: 1GB/s/2GB/s:    @325,060 円
Intelから PCIe-based SSD (910 Series) の発表です:

"Intel Solid-State Drive 910 Series Delivers High Performance,
 Endurance and Reliability for Data Center Tiering and Caching"
 April 12, 2012
Intel SSD 910 Series

New Intel 900 SSD Family Expands SSD Product Line with PCIe Interface SSD
for Accelerated Data Center Storage

*)PCIe-based 400GB and 800GB Intel SSD 910 Series provides extreme
  performance, endurance and reliability for rigorous data center demands.
*)Intel SSD 910 Series offers easy-to-install, seamless post-deployment
  server storage upgrade with no changes to existing server design.
*)Using Intel High Endurance Technology, Intel SSD 910 offers 10 full
  drive writes a day for 5 years for 30x endurance.

  "... It includes Intel High Endurance Technology and optimized
   multi-level cell (MLC) 25-nanometer NAND flash memory, that allows
   up to 10 full drive writes a day for 5 years, or a 30x endurance
   improvement over its standard MLC-based flash products, for
   a cost-effective storage solution."
  "Performance measures of the Intel SSD 910 Series 800GB drive include
   2 gigabytes-per-second (GB/s) sustained sequential reads and 1GB/s
   sequential writes; up to 180,000 4K random read Input-Output Operations
   Per Second (IOPS) and 75,000 4K random write IOPS. ..."

  "Pricing for the Intel SSD 910 Series is $1,929 for the 400GB capacity
   and $3,859 for 800GB. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. ..."

Intel Solid-State Drive 910 Series: Product Specification (20 pages)

  Intel 25nm NAND Flash Memory
  High Endurance Technology (HET)
  Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
*)Form Factor:
  PCI Express x8 add-in card (half-height, half-length)
*)Compliant with PCI Express 2.0
*)Read and Write IOPS:
  (Full LBA Range, Iometer Queue Depth 32 per NAND module)
  Random 4 KB reads: Up to 180,000 IOPS
  Random 4 KB writes: Up to 75,000 IOPS
*)Bandwidth Performance:
  Sustained sequential read: Up to 2 GB/s
  Sustained sequential write: Up to 1 GB/s
*)Latency (average sequential application level):
  Read: < 65 μs (TYP)
  Write: < 65 μs (TYP)
  Unrecoverable Bit Error Rate (UBER): 1 sector per 1016 bits read
*)Lifetime Endurance (8 KB):
  400 GB: Up to 7 PB / 800 GB: Up to 14 PB
*)SCSI Command Set support
*)SCSI Mode Page Support
*)Temperature monitoring and logging
  Active: Up to 25 W / Idle: 8 W (TYP)
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