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[san-tech][03472] Intel Ethernet Controller x540 related URLs

Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 20:17:23 +0900
[Links]: Intel Ivy Bridge Reviews, 2012/04/23 (22) & Intel acquires Cray's Interconnect Technology, 2012/04/24
[san-tech][03529] Slide: Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing (April 11-12, 2012)
[san-tech][03525] Intel SSD 910 Series: PCIe-based 400GB and 800GB, April 12, 2012
Webinar Archive
"Hadoop for the Common Man: A practical working guide to building
 a cost-effective 10GBASE-T foundation"
 March 29, 2012, Arista & Intel Present


"The Rise of 10Gb Ethernet and the Impact of Intels Xeon E5 Family of Processors"
 Last Update: Apr 05, 2012, Wikibon

"Is Your Network Ready For Romley"
 March 26, 2012, Network Computing

Intel Ethernet Controller x540関連のURLをまとめました;

Intel Press release (Blog)
"Chip Shot: Intel Ethernet Controller X540 Brings 10GbE to the Masses"
 2012/03/06, News Stories
"Counter Network Bandwidth Crunch with Intel Ethernet Controller and
 I/O Features"
 2012/03/06, The Server Room Blog
"Introducing the Intel Ethernet Controller X540"
 2012/03/06, Wired Ethernet

関連資料 (Tagged As "Intel Ethernet Server Adapters X540 Series")!:Intel+Product%2FIntel%C2%AE+Ethernet+Network+Connections%2FIntel%C2%AE+10+Gigabit+Server+Adapters%2FIntel%C2%AE+Ethernet+Server+Adapters+X540+Series
Intel Ethernet Controller X540: Product Brief (6 pages)
Intel Ethernet Controller X540: Datasheet (1022 page)
Intel Ethernet X540 Converged Network Adapter Product Family
Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2: Product Brief

Intel Data Direct I/O Technology
Intel Data Direct I/O Technology Chalk Talk Video

 by @itoooon (Hiromichi Itou) さん (↑の Youtubeも)
  ~PCI Express 3.0編その3"
 2009年3月16日, PC Watch

"インテル、Xeon E5ファミリを解説"
 2012年 3月 7日, PC Watch
  "ただしXeon E5ファミリではこの改善に留まらず、新たに「データダイレクトI/O」

"The Xeon E5-2600: Dual Sandy Bridge for Servers"
 3/6/2012, AnandTech
Supermicro's Latest Twin
  "This new Twin server also features FDR InfiniBand interconnect
   technology, good for 56Gb/s (!) low latency network connections
   with an X4 cable. This should work especially well in tandem with
   Intel Data Direct I/O technology, where packets are directly
   transferred into the Last Level Cache (LLC) instead of being DMAed
   to the memory. This is something we'll be investigating in a later

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