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[san-tech][03519] "Red Hat Storage 2.0 Beta Now Available", April 9, 2012

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 22:02:15 +0900

Red Hat Storage 2
 2.0 Release Notes
 Release Notes for Red Hat Storage Beta 1
 Edition 1
Chapter 2. What is New in this Release?

Red Hat Storage 2
 User Guide
 Using Red Hat Storage Beta 1
 Edition 1
Red Hatから Red Hat Storage 2.0の Beta版がアナウンスされました:

"Red Hat Storage 2.0 Beta Now Available"
 April 9, 2012
  "The beta of Red Hat Storage 2.0 previews several key innovations,

  *)Unified File and Object Access: Red Hat Storage 2.0 now provides
    the industry's first release of file storage designed to integrate
    seamlessly with object storage, offering organizations greater
    information accessibility, within a single, centralized storage pool;
  *)Big Data Storage Infrastructure: ...
  *)Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ... Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ...
    XFS file system (Red Hat's Scalable File System Add-On) ...
  *)Performance Enhancements: ... (NFSv3) performance optimization;
  *)...Red Hat Storage as a storage layer for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  *)Improved Manageability: ...
  *)Improved Reliability: ...

  "If you're interested in learning more about the beta for
   Red Hat Storage 2.0, please contact"

Red Hat Storage Solutions

"Red Hat Rolls Out Storage 2.0 Software"
 Second version of storage appliance includes features for object-based storage
 and big data
 April 09, 2012, Informationweek
  "The beta version of Red Hat Storage 2.0 has a number of new features
   that make managing unstructured CIFs, NFS, and GlusterFS mount
   points easier. It allows both file and object-based access to data
   within a single storage pool, support for Hadoop deployments
   in big data environments, and performance enhancements such as
   rebalancing of workloads, tuning improvements, and NFS optimization."
  "Instead of using a metadata server, the Red Hat Storage 2.0 uses
   a hashing algorithm to locate data in the storage pool. This
   capability allows it to remove I/O bottlenecks and a single
   point of failure."
  "Further, the Red Hat Storage 2.0 provides synchronous
   and asynchronous local and geographically distributed replication
   for data protection and disaster recovery."

"Red Hat clustered storage goes beta"
 A veritable Gluster... well, you know
 9th April 2012, The Register
  "The secret sauce in GlusterFS is what it calls an elastic hashing
   algorithm, which is an alternative to having a single, chokepoint
   metadata server at the heart of the file system as many clustered
   file systems do. GlusterFS 2.0 could scale to more than 500 x86
   server nodes implementing the file system and spanning petabytes of
  "Sarangan Rangachari, general manager of storage at Red Hat, tells
   El Reg that GlusterFS does not yet understand tiering on non-volatile
   storage, but that Red Hat's engineers are looking at how this
   might be used to goose the I/O performance of GlusterFS.

   Rangachari also wants to remind everyone that GlusterFS has
   a native access client, called Fuse, which has some performance
   benefits compared to the NFS and CIFS mount points, and that
   Red Hat is now trying to quantify what these performance benefits are
   as it hardens the code for Red Hat Storage 2.0.

   At the moment, Rangachari says, the Fuse client can deliver about
   twice the oomph serving up files compared to NFS and CIFS -
   but of course the benefit of NFS and CIFS is that Windows, Linux,
   Unix, and other operating systems speak these. They have to be taught
   to speak Fuse."

"Red Hat fires Gluster thruster from Amazon's cluster"
 Storage done virtually
 10th February 2012, Channel Register

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