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[san-tech][03522] SGI NAS - Modular Open Storage (ZFS), April 10, 2012

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 02:21:07 +0900
SGIから ZFSを採用した NASシステムが発表されました:

"SGI Resets the Bar on Network Attached Storage"
 April 10, 2012

  "... today announced the introduction of SGI NAS, a powerful,
   no-compromise, full-featured enterprise-class open storage solution
   that delivers maximum flexibility to IT managers who must master
   the challenges of inexorable data growth. As the first fully integrated
   solution in the SGI Modular InfiniteStorage product family, SGI NAS
   provides organizations with a full-featured platform that can start small
   and yet scale to multiple petabytes of unified storage according
   to business demands. ..."

SGI NAS - Modular Open Storage (Software)

SGI NAS Webページには ZFS採用は明記されてませんが、Datasheetから

Additional features include:
*)ZFS technology - the most scalable and flexible 128-bit file system
*)Unlimited snapshots and copy-on-write clones.
*)Support for NAS (NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, FTP) and support for SAN (iSCSI & FC)
*)Inline dedupe and compression reduce primary storage
*)Specialized devices, such as SSDs, accelerate read and write performance
*)Synchronous / asynchronous replication for easy disaster recovery
*)Set up remote back-ups and disaster recovery at off site locations
*)Manage disks and JBODs using command line or SGI NAS Management Viewer

Hybrid Storage Pools
"The Hybrid Storage Pool uses RAM, Solid State Devices (SSDs), and rotational
 drives all at once. As such, instead of just adding spindles, the design of
 the pool provides more degrees of freedom. Within the HSP, three different
 device types can be created: one virtual device type for cache
 (read operations); a log device (write operations); and a regular virtual
 device (capacity)."

SGI NAS Namespace Cluster Plug-in
"As the number of users and applications simultaneously accessing data
 constantly increase, any given storage server potentially can become
 a bottleneck, in terms of available I/O bandwidth, CPU, memory, network,
 and disk I/O resources."

"SGI NAS - Scalable, Modular Open Storage"
 2012/04/11, RichReport, 20:20, 720p
"In this video, Floyd Christofferson from SGI presents: SGI NAS - Scalable,
 Modular Open Storage. The company has combined a number of leading-edge,
 open technologies including ZFS and DTrace to accelerate network attached

"SGI storage gets a head transplant"
 ZFS-based Nexenta NAS head
 11th April 2012, The Register

SGI Modular InfiniteStorage (Hardware)
SGI Modular InfiniteStorage Server
  High Density Storage and Four Intel XeonR Multi-core Processors in
  a Single Chassis
SGI Modular InfiniteStorage JBOD

※SGI Modular InfiniteStorageは 2012年 1月に発表済み
"SGI Introduces SGI Modular InfiniteStorage Platform"
 January 31, 2012

"CESNET Selects SGI to Deliver Unique HSM Storage Solution"
 April 11, 2012

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