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[san-tech][03518] "MySQL at Twitter", April 9, 2012: Twitter: MySQL拡張をオープンソース化 (Optimize MySQL for SSD-based machines等)

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:31:12 +0900
Twitterが社内で使用している My SQL拡張をオープンソース化しました;

"MySQL at Twitter"
 April 9, 2012, Twitter Engineering Blog
  "MySQL is the persistent storage technology behind most Twitter data:
   the interest graph, timelines, user data and the Tweets themselves.
   Due to our scale, we push MySQL a lot further than most companies.
   ... we have decided to open source our MySQL work on GitHub under
   the BSD New license. ... Some of the work we’ve done includes:"

*)Add additional status variables, particularly from the internals of InnoDB
*)Optimize memory allocation on large NUMA systems
*)Reduce unnecessary work through improved server-side statement
  timeout support
*)Export and restore InnoDB buffer pool in using a safe and lightweight method
*)Optimize MySQL for SSD-based machines, including page-flushing behavior
  and reduction in writes to disk to improve lifespan

Twitter MySQL wiki
twitter/mysql, GitHub

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