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[san-tech][03531] hVault: Holographic Storage Systems

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 23:23:48 +0900
"New Name in Holographic Storage: hVault"
 April 30th, 2012, StorageNewsletter

"Holographic storage: this could work"
 April 18, 2012, Storage Bits, News & Blogs, ZDNet

"HVault announces holographic storage system with petabytes of capacity"
 HVault also has its eye on the consumer market
 April 17, 2012, ComputerWorld
新興 Holographic Storage Systemsメーカー登場です:

hVault Holographic Storage Systems

Launch Date: Spring 2012
See us at NAB, April 16 -19

"Hitachi Japan viewing automated library in hVault demo suite"
 17 Apr 2012

"Mystery hologram disc upstart gobbles InPhase blueprints"
 Storage biz flickers into life, beams up rival's assets
 17th April 2012, The Register

  "3D holographic storage upstart hVault has bought assets of crashed
   rival InPhase and announced it will ship systems in the spring."
  "The NAB hVault profile mentions a 72TB library with any content
   "accessible in less than 10 seconds". These storage vaults can be
   configured with up to four drives and 240 holographic disc slots.
   Multiple library cabinets can expand the disk capacity to 2,140
   discs. A 72TB library with 240 slots pegs capacity at about 300GB
   per disc."
[san-tech][03530] SONY: New Mass-Storage Optical Disc Archive Solutions, 「オプティカルディスク・アーカイブ」システム製品化へ、2012年04月16日
  Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 20:43:22 +0900
  Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 19:42:10 +0900
[san-tech][02062] さよなら InPhase (?)
  Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 18:39:47 +0900
InPhase Technologies Inc.
 Leading Holographic Digital Storage Company To Resolve Creditor Issues
 By End of Year 
 OCTOBER 19, 2011
  "today announced that it has filed for Chapter 11 with the U.S. Bankruptcy
   Court in the District of Colorado. The company is seeking to restructure
   by the end of 2011 as it deals with existing creditors. 

   Signal Lake, a leading investor in next-generation technology and computer
   communications companies which acquired the majority stake in InPhase
   in March, 2010, has been seeking the best possible route for rebuilding
   the company, and agreed with its partners that Chapter 11 was the most
   expeditious means of achieving that goal."

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