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[san-tech][03535] IBM GPFS V3.5 Release, EMEA, April 10, 2012

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 23:47:04 +0900
EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) 対象で、
IBM GPFS (General Parallel File System) V3.5がリリースされました

"IBM GPFS V3.5 offers improved file and data management support (AAS)"
 IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Software Announcement ZP12-0057
 April 10, 2012

At a glance
*)Offers standard file system interfaces on UNIX
  and Microsoft Windows operating systems
*)Allows concurrent reads and writes from multiple nodes
*)Provides high-bandwidth data availability
*)Supports failover and disaster recovery to minimize single points of failure
*)Offers scalable information lifecycle management to allow flexible support of
  different disk classes through policy-driven automation
  and tiered storage management
*)Provides multicluster support and use of multiple networks

"The new features in GPFS V3.5 allow you to manage very large amounts of
 unstructured file data better than ever before. With improved small file
 performance, finer granularity namespace management, increased performance
 for some administration tasks, and an innovative approach to expanding
 the global namespace, managing large volumes becomes tractable.
 New features include:"

*)Active File Management. For Linux nodes
*)IPv6 Support
*)Efficient file copy creation through clones of files
*)Snapshot support of fileset
*)Improved user and group quotas
*)Windows Native Port. Currently, GPFS on Windows requires the Subsystem
  for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) from Microsoft for its operation.
  This requirement is being reduced over time. In this release of GPFS,
  the GPFS daemon no longer uses SUA. The use of the Posix Threads
  (PThreads) API to provide an implementation of the POSIX standard
  thread API on Windows is introduced. SUA continues to be required for
  the use of GPFS administrative commands."
※個人的にはこれは大きいかと思います (パフォーマンスアップに興味津々)。

IBM General Parallel File System

developerWorks: Wikis - HPC Central Wiki - General Parallel File System (GPFS)

GPFS Documentation

Current Release
  GPFS V3.5 Administration and Programming Reference
  GPFS V3.5 Advanced Administration Guide
  GPFS V3.5 Concepts, Planning, and Installation Guide
  GPFS V3.5 Data Management API Guide
  GPFS V3.5 Problem Determination Guide

GPFS Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
 GPFS V3.5, April 2012

GPFS V3.4にあった
  GPFS V3.4: GPFS Native RAID Administration and Programming Reference
は無くなったようです (例のキャンセルの影響でしょうか・・・)
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