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[san-tech][03533] Fusion-io SDK Enables Native Flash Memory Access, April 18, 2012

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:52:57 +0900
Fusion-ioから Software Development Kit (SDK) のアナウンスです:

"Fusion-io Software Development Kit Enables Native Flash Memory Access"
 ioMemory SDK First to Offer Developers Direct Access to Flash Platform
 for Unprecedented Application Acceleration
 April 18, 2012

  "... today announced the first software development kit (SDK)
   to provide software developers with native access to the ioMemory flash
   platform. By integrating applications directly with this new persistent
   memory tier, developers will be able to optimize enterprise, web,
   and big data applications through direct programmatic access to
   the ioMemory computing layer for the first time."
  "Select Fusion-io libraries and APIs are now available to early access
   partners through the new Fusion-io Developer Program, the first
   industry program for developers optimizing applications to run
   natively on ioMemory. ..."

Fusion-io Developer Program

Fusion-io Blog
"Under the Hood of the ioMemory SDK"
 04/18/2012, Nisha Talagala, Lead Architect, Engineering Software
  "... New APIs expose more of the virtual storage layer (VSL)
   functionality above what block interfaces do, allowing access
   to the powerful capabilities within the ioMemory OS Subsystem. ..."

  "In our SDK, we recognize the fact that ioMemory is not a disk,
   and expose primitives and programming interfaces that allow
   applications to natively program to ioMemory as both an I/O device
   and a memory device ..."
  "We also provide directFS - a POSIX compliant file services layer
   designed specifically for ioMemory. ... directFS leverages
   the block management capabilities within ioMemory through primitives,
   and adds only the file and directory namepace management. By using
   Atomic Writes and Persistent TRIM, directFS is also able to remove
   logging overheads. We plan to release directFS as an open source
   file system to demonstrate the usage and benefits of native interfaces."

※Lead Architectの Blogなので一読の価値があります。

ioMemory SDK
Flash Memory Evolution

*)Direct I/O API Family
  directKey-Value Store API: Build high-performance NoSQL solutions more quickly
  directPrimitives API:
    Set of individual primitives solve problems like double-write buffering
    and transaction journaling at the ioMemory level
  directCache API: Create application-tuned caching tier
*)Memory-semantics API Family
  Extended Memory API: Transparently extend memory from DRAM onto ioMemory
  Auto-Commit Memory API: Store data in memory with persistence
*)Management API Family
  ioMemory Monitoring API: Programmatically monitor ioMemory
    operating conditions
  ioMemory Configuration API: Programmatically control and configure ioMemory
*)Open-Source Applications & Extensions
  DirectFS: Access ioMemory directly through native file-access layer
  Open-source examples library:
    Extensions to popular open-source packages illustrating positive effects
    of running native on ioMemory, such as MySQL InnoDB

Fusion-io関連プレスリリースと Blog
"Fusion-io Breaks One Billion IOPS Barrier"
 New Breakthroughs in Low Latency Data Performance Achieved with Technology
 Preview of Upcoming Auto Commit Memory Software at DEMO Enterprise
 Jan. 5, 2012

"Atomic Writes Accelerate MySQL Performance"
 10/04/2011, Nisha Talagala, Lead Architect, Engineering Software

"Fusion-io shoves OS aside, lets apps drill straight into flash"
 There's a party in the PCIe cache and your kernel isn't invited
 19th April 2012, The Register

"Five Decades Later, It's Time For New I/O Interfaces"
 04/18/2012, Brent Compton, Senior Director Product Management
  "Why run native on ioMemory? Innovators from Citrusleaf, RethinkDB
   and Percona tell us why in the video below:"

  1)Make it easier to create high-performing apps.
  2)Connect to untapped performance potential compared to your competitors
    using SSDs.
  3)Reduce operating costs for the customers of your applications.
"Three questions Fusion-io's rivals face after flash API bombshell"
 Apps bypassing OS and disk to store hot data - chaos or breakthrough?
 20th April 2012, The Register
[san-tech][03108] Fusion-io VSL (Virtual Storage Layer) 関連の国際会議での発表
  Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 17:28:44 +0900

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