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[san-tech][03462] NFSv4.2, The Register (29th Feb 2012) & Connectathon 2012

Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2012 22:51:17 +0900
今年 (2021年) 3月の承認を目指している NFSv4.2の紹介記事です:

"From server to end user: What's coming up for NFS?"
 Big changes: Hole-punching and application data blocks
 29th February, The Register
  "... The latest proposals for NFSv4.2 promise many features that
   end users have been requesting above and beyond those in NFSv4.1
   - features that make NFS more relevant as not only an "everyday"
   protocol, but one that has application as a preferred distributed
   file protocol in and beyond the virtualised data centre."

The Registerで紹介されている新機能は

Server side copy (SSC)
  "SSC permits the target and source servers to communicate directly."
Guaranteed Space Reservation
  "A guaranteed space reservation feature in NFSv4.2 will ensure that,
   regardless of the thin provisioning policies, individual files
   will always have space available for their maximum extent."
  Figure 1: Thin provisioned and hole-punched data
Application Data Blocks (ADB)
  "With this feature, NFSv4.2 will be able to do rapid and space-reduced
   initialisation of data stores; a large database or a VM image on
   the server can be created with a single operation."
Application I/O hints
  "With increasing amounts of I/O as data volumes rise, and with
   the availability of tiered storage systems that employ cache or
   SSDs to provide a buffer between fast DRAM and much slower
   traditional disks, NFSv4.2 provides facilities for applications
   to communicate data access patterns to the underlying storage system."

So when is this available?
  "The NFSv4.2 specification is likely to be ratified in March 2012.
   How long it takes client and server providers to implement
   the features is dependent on the demand from end users (that's you)
   to support them."

[san-tech][03461] Slide: Connectathon 2012 (20th - 24th February 2012)
"NFSv4 Standards Update"
 Tom Haynes, NetApp
でも NFSv4.2に触れています。

What is in it? (Page 12)
  Server Side Copy
  Sparse Files
  Seek Hole/Data
  Space Reservations
  Application Data Blocks
  Labeled NFS
  Change Attribute Behavior

"NFS Version 4 Minor Version 2
 January 04, 2012 (Expires: July 7, 2012)

Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4), IETF

SNIA NFS Special Interest Group

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