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[san-tech][03431] Mac OS X用 ZFS製品

Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 18:23:39 +0900
Mac OS X用 ZFS製品が出荷されました。

"Ex-Apple engineer emits Zevo ZFS for Mac OS"
 1st February 2012, The Register

  "Zevo comes in the shipping Silver edition and Gold, Platinum and
   Developer editions which are due later this year. Zevo Silver,
   positioned as the test drive system, includes checksummed data.
   Zevo Gold adds snapshots, compression and data redundancy through
   RAID 1 mirroring and self-healing. The Platinum edition, positioned
   like Gold as being suited for a multi-drive implementation,
   improves redundancy by adding in a Mirror and RAIDZ plus
   deduplication and a GUI for managing the various storage options
   in ZFS."
  "Don Brady was the Apple engineering technical lead on the ZFS
   integration project. After Apple decided not to adopt ZFS, he
   left and started up Ten's Complement to develop ZFS for the Mac."

Ten's Complement LLC.

Our Products

ZEVO - Silver Edition \1,569 ($19.95)

[san-tech][01914] MacOS ZFS Project Shutdown, Mac OS Forge
> MacOSへの ZFSポーティングが中止されたようです:

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