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[san-tech][03446] TMS 24-TB Usable, eMLC, 1U Flash & Kaminario Introduces DataProtect

Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 18:04:15 +0900
Texas Memory Systemsのプレスリリースです (後半に Kaminario):

"TMS unveils the Ultimate Application Accelerator with HA RamSan-820
 (24-TB Usable, eMLC, 1U) Flash storage appliance and details about
 With 24 TB of usable HA storage in only 1U, the RamSan-820 is
 the densest Flash storage you can buy.
 February 28, 20122
  "The RamSan-OS has been in continuous development for over five
   years, initially shipping with TMS' first Flash-based product,
   the RamSan-500 in 2007.  Unlike other operating systems,
   the RamSan-OS is designed from the ground up to run on a cluster
   of CPU nodes and FPGAs distributed throughout the RamSan systems."
   ... "To prove the low power of 450 watts,"
  "... Even though the RamSan-OS is implemented in software and
   hardware, the use of completely reprogrammable devices ensures
   that the RamSan-OS is easily field-upgradable for application-specific
   performance tuning or for the addition of more features."

  Maximum Bandwidth: 5 GB/s
  Read IOPS: 450 K IOPS
  Write IOPS: 450 K IOPS

"Texas flash: TMS Ramsan-820 born in the USA"
 Reassures US buyers it's keeping jobs onshore
 28th February 2012, The Register
  "The 820 provides up to 450,000 random read IOPS (4K blocks),
   50,000 more than the 720, with a latency of 25 to 100 microseconds,
   and has a bandwidth of 4GB/sec, the 720 having 5GB/sec. Interestingly
   Kaminario's K2-F flash product has a latency of 260 microsecs for
   reads and 150 microseconds for writes."
  "How does this RamSan compare to Kaminario's high-availability
   K2-F? The K2 has high-volume snapshots and asynchronous replication,
   features that TMS does not, but the TMS product is more densely
   packed and, in terms of latency, faster reacting than the K2-F.
   Benchmarks will be needed to properly compare the two products."


"Kaminario Introduces DataProtect - the Next Generation of Enterprise
 High Availability and Data Protection for SSD Storage"
 With DataProtect, the Kaminario K2 all solid-state SAN storage provides
 non-disruptive operations; fast, high-volume snapshots; and high-speed
 data replication

"New White Paper on Achieving Enterprise Reliability With Solid-State Speed"

Kaminario K2 All Solid-state Flash and DRAM SAN Storage Solutions

"Kaminario array slips on protection but won't go down on you"
 27th February 2012, The Register
  Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:02:33 +0900

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