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[san-tech][03546] Slide/Video: Lustre User Group (LUG) 2012, (Apr 23 - 25, 2012)

Date: Thu, 03 May 2012 10:46:12 +0900
2012年 4月 23日~25日に開催された Lustre User Group (LUG) 2012の

LUG 2012 Agenda


Media (YouTubeへのリンク)

"Lustre Future Development"
 Andreas Dilger, Whamcloud

Lustre 2.4 - March 2013
Lustre 2.4 - ZFS OSD (WC/LLNL) (Page 6)
  Leverage many features immediately
    Data checksums on disk + Lustre checksums on network
    Online filesystem check/scrub/repair- no more e2fsck!
    Integrated with flash storage cache (L2ARC)
  More ZFS features to leverage in the future
    Snapshots, end-to-end data integrity, datasets
Lustre 2.4 - HSM (WC/CEA) (Page 7)
  Originally developed by CEA France
  Simple archive back-end interface
  Infrastructure useful for other projects
ZFS on Linux Licensing Answers (Page 13)

"Sequoia's 55PB Lustre+ZFS Filesystem"
 Brian Behlendorf, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Status Update (Page 5)
  55PB Lustre+ZFS File system for Sequoia
    Development still under way
    Performance work started
  Contract with Whamcloud
MDS Configurations (Page 12)
OSS Configurations (Page 16)
※LDISKFSと ZFSとの比較等、いろいろ試行錯誤の感じがします。

"Lustre 2.1 and Lustre-HSM at IFERC"
 Diego Moreno, Bull

Archive Lustre L2 - DMF (HSM) (Page 7, 8)
  8PB Lustre + 40PB SGI DMF (Lustre Clients)

"Current Status of FEFS for the K Computer"
 Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu

"A Technical Overview of the OLCF's Next-generation Center-wide Lustre File System"
 Sarp Oral, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Transitioning I/O to next gen computing (Page 2)
From Jaguar to Titan
  Number of cores: 224K -> 300K
  Memory: 300 TB -> 600 TB
  Peak Performance: 2.2 PFlops -> 10-20 Pflops
  Proprietary Interconnect: SeaStar2+ -> Gemini
  Peak egress I/O (over IB): (192 x 1.5 GB/s) -> (384-420 x 2.8-3 GB/s)
New Architecture (Page 5)
Target numbers for next gen parallel file system
  1 TB/s file system-level well-formed I/O performance
  240 GB/s file system-level random I/O performance
  Capacity will be based on the selected storage media
    Expected to be 9-20 PB
  Availability: >95%
    Expected availability will be similar of Spider's

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