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[san-tech][03550] DDN Announces WOS Object Storage Support for Open Compute Project, 05.17.12

Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 21:52:53 +0900
DDN (DataDirect Networks) のプレスリリースです:
※OCP (Open Compute Project) ストレージプラットフォームは後半に紹介します。

"DDN Announces WOS Object Storage Support for Open Compute Project (OCP)
 Hardware to Enable Efficient and Connected Hyperscale Data Centers"
 WOS Software on OCP Storage Hardware Enables Global Organizations
 to Build Hyperscale Storage Clouds Capable of Serving Over 55B Objects
 Per Day

  "... today announced support for DDN's Web Object Scaler (WOS),
   its award-winning hyperscale object storage solution, on the recently
   announced Open Compute server and storage platforms in cooperation
   with the Open Compute Project (OCP)."

  "WOS software enables organizations to easily build and deploy their
   own storage clouds across geographically distributed sites that can
   scale to unprecedented levels, while still being managed as a single
   entity. Designed for performance, resiliency and capacity scalability,
   WOS can ingest and distribute over 55 billion objects per day with today's
   commodity storage hardware. With a fundamental design to support
   scalability to over an exabyte of global storage capacity and trillions of
   objects, global data distribution and latency-optimized global access,
   WOS is built to enable multi-site, global organizations to connect to
   and collaborate on data without the bottlenecks and overhead associated
   with traditional file access."

  "... "With the new OCP storage hardware specification, DDN is able to focus
   its cloud storage efforts and investments on the software intelligence
   that drives today's business and social connection. The Open Compute
   movement allows us to harness the power of crowd-sourced hardware design
   and a highly optimized supply chain to drive the best value for our
   Jean-Luc Chatelain, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Technology, DDN
  "... They recently held their third OCP summit, at which Chatelain discussed
   object storage, the peer-voted most popular topic of the workshop.
   "It was an exciting inflection point in the DDN story to be chosen to speak
   to such an engaged collection of scalability specialists about the opportunity
   presented by hyperscale object storage and the market disruptions which are
   driving this to become the de facto storage model in web-scale data centers,"
   said Chatelain."

  "DDN WOS software will be qualifying the OCP storage platform when it becomes
   generally available from hardware manufacturers, which is expected to be
   within the next year."

DDN is proud to join the Open Compute Project (OCP)

"As part of our membership, DDN intends to offer the WOS object storage solution
 on the new OCP Open Vault storage unit."

WOS (Web Object Scaler), DDN

"Simplifying Collaboration in the Cloud
 WOS and IRODS Data Grid"
 Dave Fellinger, Data Direct Networks
 27th IEEE (MSST 2011) Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and
"Exploring Efficiencies in Data Reduction, Analysis, and Distribution"
 Dave Fellinger, DataDirect Networks
 28th IEEE (MSST 2012) Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and

Data Grids, Digital Libraries, Persistent Archives, and Real-time Data Systems

Open Vault (Storage), Open Computer Project

"The Open Vault offers high disk densities, holding 30 drives in
 a 2U chassis, and can operate with almost any host server."

Open Compute Summit, May 2 -3, 2012
opencompute / OCP_Summit_San_Antonio_May_2012_content / OCP_OpenVault_v1.key.pdf
※githubです。PDFファイルは↑ページの "View Raw" を Click

opencompute / open_vault / spec / Open_Vault_Storage_Specification_v0.5.pdf
※同じく github

opencompute / OCP_Summit_San_Antonio_May_2012_content
※Open Compute Summit, May 2 -3, 2012発表資料

facebook / opencompute

Open Computer Project

Open Compute Summit関連記事
"Enabling Innovation Where It Matters"
 May 2, 2012
"Facebook Opens Up Hardware World With Magic Hinge"
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