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[san-tech][03473] Video/Slide: Using Hadoop for HPC Applications (NERSC Training Event) & Cloudera Seismic Hadoop

Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 20:43:12 +0900
US NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) で
2011年 10月 5日に開催されたトレーニングのビデオが資料と共に公開されて

Using Hadoop for HPC Applications
Lavanya Ramakrishnan, NERSC Technology Integration Group

"The tutorial will provide an overview of Hadoop technologies,
 discuss some use cases of Hadoop for science and present
 the programming challenges with using Hadoop for legacy applications."

Video: 1:53:20
"Hadoop and Pig Overview" (52 pages)
 Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Shane Canon, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
 October 2011

"Seismic Data Science: Reflection Seismology and Hadoop"
 January 25, 2012, Cloudera Blog
  "Seismic Hadoop is a project that we developed at Cloudera to demonstrate
   how to store and process seismic data in a Hadoop cluster."

Cloudera Blog

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