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[san-tech][03391] DDN: SFA10Kシリーズ強化 (SFA10K-X & SFA10K-E), 09.20.11

Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 16:44:16 -0400
DDNが SFA10Kシリーズを強化しました:

"DataDirect Networks (DDN) Delivers Highest Big Data Performance with
 SFA10K-X, World's Fastest Integrated Block and File Storage Appliance"
 Award-Winning DDN Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) Technology Embeds
 Applications and File Systems While Optimizing Bandwidth, IOPS and
 Capacity Utilization for Cloud and Content

  "... today unveiled the Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) 10K-X,
   a leading integrated storage appliance that maximizes application
   performance while minimizing total cost of ownership for Big Data,
   cloud, and content-intensive environments."

SFA10K-X highlights include:
*) Accelerates big data and large content workloads, with read-write
   speeds of 17 GB/s, 25 percent faster than the SFA10000
*) Efficiently exploits solid state drive technology to deliver over
   840,000 I/Os per second
*) Supports up to 1200 drives (SSD, SATA, SAS) in a single system,
   while requiring only 2 floor tiles
*) Capable of housing up to 1.8 petabytes (PB) in a single data center
*) VMWare and VMWare ESX support to accelerate virtual server and
   desktop environments

  "Largest Scalable Storage for Virtualized Environments
   Certified with VMware ESX 4.0 and 4.1"
※VMware Certificationは、DDN製品で初?

同時に追加されたシステム (プレスリリースは見あたりませんね)

解説記事 (目を通す事をお勧めします):
"DataDirect embulgens arrays for big data"
 Hopes to grunt with the big pigs in the Big Data pigpen
 26th September 2011, The Register
  "No hardware refreshing is mentioned by DataDirect Networks (DDN)
   but the company says a lot about the new parallelised and
   multi-threaded version of its SFA O/S, with its RAID and cache
   engines and data movers. This software is now VMware-certified,
   has large capacity support as well as the go-faster changes,
   and is available to existing SFA customers at no charge."
  "There is a special version of the SFA10K-X, an embedded version
   called the SFA10K-E. What's embedded in it is a file system,
   because this array can run applications, with DDN saying that
   its "SFA O/S allows for embedding applications within the SFA10K-E.""

App-running array
  "EMC is developing a capability for its VMAX arrays to run
   applications. DataDirect has already done this. It says
   the SFA10K-E can run applications, and the first ones it is
   offering are file systems - specifically Lustre and IBM's GPFS."

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