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[san-tech][03389] "Lustre 2.1 Released", September 30th 2011, Whamcloud Press Release

Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 15:02:10 -0400
Whamcloudから、Lustre 2.1リリースアナウンスがありました:

"Lustre 2.1 Released"
 September 30th 2011, Whamcloud Press Release

  "Whamcloud, a venture-backed company formed from a worldwide network
  of high-performance computing (HPC) storage industry veterans, today
  announced the release of Lustre 2.1 with better control over
  virtualized storage and wider platform support. It is the first full
  release of Lustre with Whamcloud and OpenSFS hosting the master
  codeline. Significant in this release, contribution rules have been
  greatly simplified to more openly encourage community contributions."

  "Several notable new features have been added in Lustre 2.1.
  The maximum OST/MDT size has been increased from 16TB to 128TB,
  allowing configurations with 3TB drives. The benefit of this is
  better control over virtualized storage and was a major user request.
  Another main user request, support for RHEL/CentOS 6 server, has
  also been added. There were no deprecations compared to the 2.0
  support matrix."


[san-tech][03388] Slide: European Lustre Workshop 2011 (2011/09/26, 27)
  Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 14:59:08 -0400> "Lustre Releases"
>  Peter Jones, Support Manager, Whamcloud, Inc.
>   Whamcloud Lustre Roadmap

"Whamcloud Signs Multi-Year Lustre Development and Performance Contract
 with OpenSFS"
 August 16th 2011, Whamcloud Press Release

"Lustre file system set for spit 'n' polish"
 Whamcloud lands deal from OpenSFS
 19th August 2011

  "Whamcloud, the startup created in July 2010 to continue development
   of the open source Lustre supercomputer file system, has secured
   a $2.1m contract from OpenSFS to spruce it up with new features
   and functions."

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