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[san-tech][03388] Slide: European Lustre Workshop 2011 (2011/09/26, 27)

Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 14:59:08 -0400
2011年 9月 26, 27日に開催された、

European Lustre Workshop 2011
 September 26-27, Paris, Pullman Paris Bercy Hotel

の講演資料が上記 Webサイトで公開されています。

PDF版 Agenda:

"Lustre Releases"
 Peter Jones, Support Manager, Whamcloud, Inc.
  Whamcloud Lustre Roadmap

"Lessons learned from Lustre file system operation"
 Roland Laifer, KIT
※4種類の Lustre (2つは HP SFS) や bwGRiD

"Administering Lustre 2.0 at CEA"
 Stephane Thiell, CEA/DAM
  Shine Python Library and Tools for Lustre
  ClusterShell scripts to gather Lustre metrics

"RobinHood Policy Engine"
  Robinhood Policy Engine
"Robinhood Policy Engine is a multi-purpose tool for managing content
 of large filesystems: audit FS content, accounting, remove old unused
 files according to admin-defined policies, customizable alerts based
 on file properties, backup data to external storage..."

"Visualization of Lustre RPC Traces with Vampir"
 Michael Kluge, TU Dresden

"The ClusterStor Engineered Solution for HPC"
 Torben Kling Petersen, PhD, Xyratex

"Lustre at exascale"
 Eric Barton, CTO, Whamcloud, Inc.

"Lustre in CETA-CIEMAT"
 Alfonso Pardo Diaz, CETA-CIEMAT

"Lustre administration - and how it compares to its rivals"
 Daniel Kobras, Science+Computing AG
※Lustreと GPFSの比較

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