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[san-tech][03358] Panasas Webinar: "pNFS-Are We There Yet?" (Aug. 24, 2011)

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 22:02:14 +0900
2011年 8月 24日の Panasasの Webinar: "pNFS-Are We There Yet?" の


"WEBINAR: pNFS-Are We There Yet?"
 Panasas pNFS Update
 2011/08/24, PanasasHPC, 50:35, 720p

  "NFS has been the standard protocol for NAS systems since the 1980s.
   However, with the explosive growth of Linux clusters running
   demanding technical computing applications, NFS is no longer
   sufficient for these big data workloads. After years of development
   effort, driven by Panasas and others, pNFS is now just around
   the corner and promises to dramatically improve Linux client
   I/O performance thanks to its parallel architecture.

   Geoffrey Noer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Panasas
   presents this on-demand webinar -- "pNFS: Are We There Yet?""

*) Panasas Company Update
*) Evolution of NAS Architectures
*) The History of NFS up to NFS v4.1
*) pNFS Client and Server Architectures
*) Industry Support for pNFS
*) Status of pNFS Standard & Linux Implementation
*) Why Panasas for pNFS Storage
*) 最後の方は質疑応答

News & Events - Webinars

"The Origin of Panasas"
 2011/07/18, PanasasHPC, 2:38, 720p

  "Panasas co-founder and CTO, Dr. Garth Gibson, talks about the early
   days at Panasas and how the company grew to be the premier provider
   of high performance parallel storage for technical computing
   applications and big data workloads. Garth discusses the PanFS
   parallel file system, Panasas scale-out NAS appliances, and
   the future for competing file systems."

CEO Message
"Panasas Parallel Storage Vision"
 2011/07/18, PanasasHPC, 2:13, 720p

  "Panasas CEO, Faye Pairman, discusses her industry background
   the future of the company to an audience of HPC executives.
   Faye talks about HPC market growth and the unprecedented demand for
   scalable storage. She underscores the company's commitment
   high performance computing and details how Panasas is uniquely
   positioned to lead with scale-out storage appliances and the PanFS
   parallel file system."
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capacity for cost-conscious HPC deployments
  Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 00:27:40 +0900
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