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[san-tech][03583] NCSA Blue Waters deploys Redundant Arrays of Independent Tapes (RAIT)

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 16:03:02 +0900
2012年 4月 16日~18日に開催された HPC User Forumの資料を見ていて気付いた
のですが、NCSA Blue Watersのテープシステム (Spectra Logic T-Finity Libraries
380 raw petabytes (PB)) では、Redundant Arrays of Independent Tapes (RAIT)

"Blue Waters"
 Merle Giles, NCSA Business & Economic Development
 HPC User Forum - Richmond VA - April 2012

RAIT (Page 12)
*)Multiple data classes depending on file size to take advantage of tape
  writing strategies
    4+1, 7+2, 10+2, etc
    Trade off latency vs performance - Depends on the size of the data
*)Multiple levels of RAIT part of the requirements
Blue Waters Project

Spectra Logic関連プレスリリース:

"Spectra Logic T-Finity Libraries to be Exclusive Provider of Tape Storage
 for NCSA's Blue Waters Supercomputer"
 May 22, 2012

  "The Blue Waters system will be one of the world's largest active file
   repositories stored on tape media and will scale to a capacity of
   380 raw petabytes (PB) within the first two years of operation. Spectra
   T-Finity tape libraries will provide the Blue Waters project with
   the ability to keep all near-line data accessible in an active repository,
   perform automated data integrity verification for the data store,
   and deliver high performance read/write rates of up to 2.2 PBs per hour
   utilizing enterprise TS1140 Technology tape drives."

"Spectra Logic Delivers ExaScale Storage for 'Big Data'; Announces Series of
 Products and Advancements and Unveils World's Highest Capacity Storage System"
 November 1, 2011

  "The Spectra T-Finity with TeraPack media storage is optimally designed
   for support of Redundant Arrays of Independent Tapes (RAIT) and provides
   enhanced performance, reliability and data integrity capabilities."

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