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[san-tech][03556] Slide/Video: BSDCan 2012 - The BSD Conference (11-12 May 2012)

Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:03:22 +0900
2012年 5月 11, 12日に開催された

BSDCan 2012 - The BSD Conference, 11-12 May 2012

の Slide/Videoが公開されています。

Talks - 1 - 2012-05-11
Talks - 2 - 2012-05-12
BSDCan 2012


"Optimizing ZFS for Block Storage"
 Justin T. Gibbs, Spectra Logic Corporation and Will Andrews
  "This paper and talk presents Spectra Logic's optimizations to ZFS's
   data management layer (DMU) to convert the majority of these synchronous
   reads to be asynchronous and, for sequential access patterns, to avoid
   them entirely."
※スライドに Lustreという単語が出てくるので、
"Spectra Logic T-Finity Libraries to be Exclusive Provider of Tape Storage
 for NCSA's Blue Waters Supercomputer"
 Spectra to Deliver 380 Petabytes of Tape Storage to Blue Waters,
 One of the World's Largest, Most Powerful Supercomputers
 May 22, 2012

NCSA Blue Watersの構成図が見つからないのですが、
"Supercomputer to connect to 400PB of storage via Ethernet"
 May 24, 2012, Computerworld

Blue Waters (Cray XK6, 11.5PF)
<=> 1TBps of aggregate bandwidth over a 40Gbps Ethernet
    <=> Lustre (25PB, Cray/Xyratex)
<=> InfiniBand QDR
    <=> Spectra Logic 17-frame T-Finity tape libraries (Drive: IBM TS1140)
<=> 100GBps of storage performance
    <=> Nearline (Scalable to 500PB, DDN SFA 12K)
※DVS (Data Virtualization Service) 経由で、計算ノードから NFSサーバ

About the Blue Waters project

"DataDirect Networks (DDN) Selected to Support NCSA's Blue Waters Supercomputer"

  "... and is designed with an integrated archive environment that
   is scalable to over 500 petabytes and 100GB/s of storage performance.
   To accelerate access to this massive storage environment, NCSA selected
   DDN SFA12K storage systems with InfiniBand connectivity to consolidate
   their archive infrastructure ..."

BSDCan 2012に戻ると、

"FreeBSD on Microsoft Hyper-v"
  "Microsoft, NetApp, Citrix, team for FreeBSD on Hyper-V"
   21st May 2012, The Register
"Bullet Cache", Balancing speed and usability in a cache server
"High speed packet I/O: challenges and solutions"
  netmap - a novel framework for fast packet I/O
"Go SCTP!"


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