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[san-tech][03555] Video: Kaminario, Nimbus, Pure Storage (April 26, 2012), Solid State Storage Symposium (April 25, 2012), etc, Tech Field Day

Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 21:30:20 +0900
Tech Field Day
The Independent IT Influencer Event

で以下の Video等を公開しています。

Storage Field Day 1 - Silicon Valley, April 25-27, 2012

"Kaminario Presents at Storage Field Day 1"
 Dani Golan, CEO and Founder
 April 26, 2012, Storage Tech Field Day 1, May 3, 2012 (Entry)
 *)Kaminario CEO Dani Golan presents the K2 solid state storage solution
The I/O Storm, Kaminario Blog:

"Nimbus Data Presents at Storage Field Day 1"
 Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder
 April 26, 2012, Storage Tech Field Day 1, May 4, 2012 (Entry)
 *)Part 1: Tom Isakovich introduces Nimbus Data to the Storage Field Day delegates
 *)Part 2: Nimbus HALO Operating System Overview
 *)Part 3: Nimbus Market and Pricing
 *)Part 4: Nimbus Performance Tests and Closing Points
Nimbus Data Systems, Inc.

Presentations, Tech Field Day

Storage Field Day 1は徐々に整備されているようです。

Videos in "Tech Field Day" on Vimeo
Pure Storageビデオ:
"Storage Field Day Video 1: Pure Storage Update"
"Storage Field Day Video 2: SIEMENS eMeter Case Study"
※Video 3: FlashArray deep dive, including new FlashArray 2.0 features
"Storage Field Day Video 4: Dedupe and Compression Deep Dive"

"Jon Hudson introduces the Brocade presentation at Storage Field Day 1"
"Brocade presents the 1860 Fibre Channel and Ethernet Fabric Adapter technology"
"Brocade DCB iSCSI demonstration"

"Mike Davis introduces the Dell Storage vision"
"Derek Gascon details the Dell DX Object Store technology"

Solid State Storage Symposium - San Jose, CA, April 25, 2012

*)Welcome: Stephen Foskett
"Stephen Foskett introduces the Solid State Storage Symposium morning vision presentations"
*)Vision Presentations
"Dave Wright presents the SolidFire vision for solid-state storage"
"Jered Floyd presents the Permabit vision for solid-state storage"
"Suresh Vasudevan presents the Nimble Storage vision for solid-state storage"
"Tom Isakovich presents the Nimbus Data vision for solid-state storage"
"Scott Stetzer presents the STEC vision for solid-state storage"
"Peter Velikin presents the Velobit vision for solid-state storage"
"Jonathan Goldick presents the Violin Memory vision for solid-state storage"
 "At last: Violin to push out HANA appliance"
  30th April 2012 18:26, The Register
"Brian Sorby presents the EMC vision for solid-state storage"
"Vijay Karamcheti presents the Virident vision for solid-state storage"

*)Panel 1: Tier vs. Cache
"Is solid state simply a big cache or a real storage tier? Panel discussion with Chris Evans"
*)Panel 2: Array Architecture
"What's the best solid-state storage array architecture panel with Nigel Poulton"
*)Panel 3: Future Architecture
"The Future of Solid State Storage Panel with Howard Marks"

Presentations, Tech Field Day

"Arista Presents at Networking Field Day 3"
 Douglas Gourlay, VP of Marketing, Co-founder Andreas "Andy" Bechtolsheim
 March 29, 2012, Networking Tech Field Day 3, April 13, 2012 (Entry)
 *)Arista Networks Product Introduction with Douglas Gourlay
 *)A discussion with Arista’s Andy Bechtolsheim
 *)Arista 3 - Demo

Networking Field Day 3 - Silicon Valley, March 29 and 30, 2012

"Brocade Virtual Symposium"
 January 1, 2012
"Packet Pushers and Tech Field Day hosted a Virtual Symposium focused on
 Ethernet fabrics. We were joined by Chip Copper, Principal Engineer for
 our sponsor, Brocade, as well as many Networking Field Day 3 delegates."
 *)Part 1: What is an Ethernet Fabric?
 *)Part 2: Converged Networking and Storage
 *)Part 3: Multi-Path vs. Multi-Chassis
 *)Part 4: Hard Cores and Soft Edges

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