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[Links]: Intel Ivy Bridge Reviews, 2012/04/23 (22) & Intel acquires Cray's Interconnect Technology, 2012/04/24

Some Links to Intel Ivy Bridge Reviews & Intel acquires Cray's Interconnect Technology
"Core i5-3570K, -3550, -3550S, And -3570T: Ivy Bridge Efficiency"
 May 22, 2012, Tom's Hardware,3204.html

"3rd Generation Intel Core Processors Bring Exciting New Experiences
 and Fun to the PC"
 2012/04/23, IntelPR

"Ivy Bridgeの強化ポイントはGPUアーキテクチャの改革"
 2012年 4月 27日, ■後藤弘茂のWeekly海外ニュース■

"Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture", 8-Page
 04-22-2012, Real World Technologies

"The Intel Ivy Bridge (Core i7 3770K) Review", 20-Page
 4/23/2012, AnandTech,

"Intel Core i7-3770K Review: A Small Step Up For Ivy Bridge", 25-Page
 April 23, 2012, Tom's Hardware,3181.html

"Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Processor Review", 14-Page
 April 23, 2012, HotHardware

"Intel Core i7-3770K CPU Review", 9-Page
 23rd April 2012,

"Ivy Bridge Debuts: Intel Core i7-3770K Review", 11-Page
 April 23, 2012, TechSpot Review

"Intel's Core i7-3770K 'Ivy Bridge' processor", 19-Page
 April 23, 2012, The Tech Report

"Intel lets loose with 3rd gen Ivy Bridge tri-gate chips"
 23rd April 2012, The Register

Cray, Inc. Investor Event, Webcast
"Cray Agrees to Sell Interconnect Hardware Assets to Intel"
 Wednesday, April 25, 2012 5:00 a.m. PT
 Recorded (44:15), Simple registration is required.

"Intel to use Cray IP to score boffo DARPA dosh"
 But what’s Cray going to do with the Intel cash?
 26th April 2012, The Register

"Intel Acquires Industry-Leading, High-Performance Computing Interconnect Technology and Expertise"
 2012/04/24, IntelPR

"Cray Agrees to Sell Interconnect Hardware Assets to Intel
 Company to Host Conference Call to Discuss the Definitive Agreement"
 Apr 24, 2012

"UPDATE: Intel To Buy Cray Supercomputing Assets For $140M In Cash"
 April 24, 2012,

"Intel reels in Cray's supercomputer interconnect biz"
 24th April 2012, The Register

"Intel Reels in Cray's Supercomputer Interconnect Biz
 - Trumping AMD's SeaMicro Buy?"

"Intel came a-knockin' for Cray super interconnects"
 25th April 2012, The Register

"Some Thoughts on Intel's Acquisition of Cray's Interconnect Technology"
 April 25, 2012, HPCwire

"Intel Makes a Deal for Cray's Interconnect Technology"
 April 25, 2012, HPCwire

"Cray launches Gemini super interconnect"
 25th May 2010, The Register
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