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[san-tech][03415] pNFS in Technology Preview, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2

Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:41:57 +0900
先頃発表された Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2に pNFS関連が含まれています

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 - What's New

Parallel NFS (pNFS) in Technology Preview
Transfer rates faster than NFS support
*) pNFS is an extension of NFS that provides significantly larger data
   transfer rates compared to the traditional NFS architectures. This
   is achieved by processing the meta-data (a typical bottle neck for
   I/O throughput) separately from the actual data. By separating
   the meta-data and the data paths, pNFS allows clients to access
   storage devices directly and in parallel. pNFS is a part of standard
   NFS version 4.1 specification.
*) Support for pNFS is limited to client-side functionality for file
   layout only.

12.2. pNFS
"A tech preview is available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2,
 introducing experimental client support for the protocol version
Chapter 12.  Network File System (NFS)
Storage Administration Guide, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

"The Last Bottleneck: How Parallel I/O can improve application performance"
 HPC Advisory Council Stanford University, Dec. 6, 2011
 Rex TANAKIT,  Director of Industry Solutions, Panasas
ビデオ (16:40, 480p):

"Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol"
 January 2010

RFC共同提案者 (Mike Eisler, NetApp) の Blogから
"Red Hat Releases RHEL 6.2 with pNFS support"
 December 06, 2011

"First Anniversary of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Ushered in with Second Wave of
 Enhancements and Top Marks in Benchmark Performance Results"
 December 6, 2011
  "... today announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2."

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