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[san-tech][03356] 白色LEDで 100Mbpsデータ転送 (100Mbps by white-light LEDs)

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 14:17:15 +0900
EUのプロジェクトで白色 LED可視光を利用して 100Mbpsのデータ転送に

"Data are traveling by light"
 Research News August 2011
 Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT

  "Regular LEDs can be turned into optical WLAN with only a few
   additional components thanks to visible light communication
   (in short, VLC). The lights are then not just lighting up, they
   also transfer data. They send films in HD quality to your iPhone
   or laptop, with no loss in quality, quickly and safely."
  "... since scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for
   Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin,
   Germany, have developed a new transfer technology for video data
   within the scope of the OMEGA project of the EU, its
   implementation in real life is getting markedly closer. At the
   end of May, the scientists were able to present the results of
   the project in Rennes, France. They were able to transfer data
   at a rate of 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) without any losses,
   using LEDs in the ceiling that light up more than ten square
   meters (90 square feet). The receiver can be placed anywhere
   within this radius, which is currently the maximum range.

"In the future data will be transferred to laptops with the help of LEDs"

  ""For VLC the sources of light - in this case, white-light LEDs -
   provide lighting for the room at the same time they transfer
   information. With the aid of a special component, the modulator,
   we turn the LEDs off and on in very rapid succession and transfer
   the information as ones and zeros. The modulation of the light is
   imperceptible to the human eye. A simple photo diode on the laptop
   acts as a receiver.""
 Klaus-Dieter Langer, the team of project manager, HHI
  "The new transmission technology is suitable for hospitals,
   for example, because radio transmissions are not allowed there."
  "Currently the scientists are developing their systems toward
   higher bit rates. "Using red-blue-green-white light LEDs, we were
   able to transmit 800 Mbit/s in the lab," said Klaus-Dieter Langer."

OMEGA Project

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