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[san-tech][03354] Gluster Announces Apache Hadoop Storage Compatibility, August 23rd, 2011

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 22:54:10 +0900
まだ GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2レベルですが、

"Gluster Announces Apache Hadoop Storage Compatibility in Latest
 GlusterFS Release"
 August 23, 2011

  "... today announced the release of GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2 which
   includes compatibility for Apache Hadoop. This latest enhancement
   to GlusterFS uses the standard file system APIs available in Hadoop
   to provide a new storage option for Hadoop deployments. With this
   new feature, GlusterFS is the first open source, POSIX-compliant
   file and object storage solution that works with Hadoop. Compatible
   with existing MapReduce-based applications and with the ability
   to co-exist with HDFS, this new functionality opens up data within
   Hadoop deployments to any file- or object-based application,
   providing a broad new range of options for big data deployments."

Features and benefits include (一部) :
  *)"Fast access to data - with no centralized metadata or name server,
     GlusterFS delivers better performance and easier manageability,
     with no centralized point of failure;
  *)"N-way replication - synchronous and asynchronous replication enables
     users to replicate data, changes are tracked and queued to ensure
     data stays synchronized regardless of latency or potential network
  *)"Increased flexibility in sizing - with Gluster, Hadoop deployments
     are no longer limited to large block sizes or 16 TB volume sizes;"

GlusterFS 3.3 Beta Resources
Hadoop - GlusterFS Resource Page

"Gluster Adds Hadoop Support to Storage Offering"
 AUGUST 23RD 2011, SiliconANGLE
[san-tech][03307] GlusterFS OpenStack対応へ, July 27, 2011
  Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 22:38:37 +0900

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