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[san-tech][03345] Xsigo Server Fabric, August 15, 2011

Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 20:58:59 +0900
Xsigoプレスリリースやビデオの前に、後半で紹介する The Registerの記事を

"Xsigo First to Market with Virtualized Server Fabric to Enable Cloud
Data Centers"

Xsigo Server Fabric lets enterprise IT managers and cloud providers
provision new services 10x faster at half the cost of operation
Xsigo leapfrogs switch and port-based legacy vendors Cisco, Brocade
and Juniper with fully virtualized network connectivity
August 15, 2011

"Xsigo Systems today announced the Xsigo Server Fabric, the industry's
first fully virtualized infrastructure for cloud-optimized data centers.
The Xsigo Server Fabric enables one-click network connections from
virtual machines to any data center resource - including servers,
networks, storage, and other virtual machines - to accelerate
the management of virtualized data centers."

"The Xsigo Server Fabric lets customers flexibly deploy Ethernet and
Fibre Channel connections at speeds up to 40 Gbps, resulting
in significant application acceleration. Environments can be scaled
to 1,000 physical hosts with tens of thousands of virtual connections
linking virtual machines to each other and to network and storage
resources. Because the Server Fabric is fully interoperable with
existing core networking products from Cisco, Brocade, Juniper
and others, and because it enables greater utilization of those assets,
customers can extend the life of their existing hardware to minimize
disruption and reduce capital costs."

"Xsigo Server Fabric"
2011/08/14, XsigoVirtualIO, 5:05, 360p

"Up to 30X Performance Gain, No Networking Pain"
Imagine 10X to 30X more performance in your I/O intensive apps,
19X faster vMotion, 12X faster DB queries, and backups done in minutes,
not hours.
August 14th, 2011, Xsigo Blog

Xsigo Server Fabric
Without Xsigo and With Xsigo

"Xsigo Introduces Server Fabric Technology Partner Program"

Industry leading technology innovators collaborate to deliver fully
virtualized data centers
August 15, 2011
"Initial partners in the Server Fabric Alliance program include:

Blue Coat Systems
Hitachi Data Systems
Nimble Storage
Nimbus Data Systems

Server Fabric Alliance

"Xsigo automagically floats cloud east and west"
Not just north and south
15th August 2011, The Register

"Xsigo Systems, which for years has been trying to carve a niche for
itself in the virtualized network and server rackets, is taking another
crack at it with a version of its VP family of I/O Directors, tweaked
to provide direct and movable links between virtual machines on
clustered servers."

"Such traffic is commonly called East-West traffic to distinguish it
from North-South traffic running up from servers through switches
and out onto the network" .....

"The problem with the current way of handling East-West traffic is that
it relies on virtual LANs -VLANs - in the Layer 2 network. Each time
you move a virtual machine, you have to reconfigure the VLANs."

"Xsigo's I/O Directors can now better handle server-to-server traffic
- often called East-West traffic"

"To help make this easier, Xsigo has cooked up the Xsigo Server Fabric
- a layer of abstraction software for its VP780q and VP560q I/O Director
switches that creates and manages end-to-end connections between VMs
on servers in the pool. This connection does away with the whole
concept of VLANs and makes a private virtual interconnect between
those VMs through the I/O Director switches. Xsigo has cooked up its
own virtual network interface card that looks like a Broadcom NIC,
and the VMs see this point-to-point link as simply two Broadcom NICs
talking to each other."
"The I/O Director needs to be upgraded with Server Fabric Suite 1.0
software that implements these VM-to-VM links over the switch:" ....

"Xsigo Follows QFabric with Server Fabric Launch"
AUGUST 15TH 2011, SiliconANGLE

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